Triumph of the Human Spirit: Beethoven at 250

photo of Beethoven's piano
Hammerflugel Conrad Graf, photo by Andreas Praefcke
Portrait of Beethoven
Portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven from the Library of Congress











Wednesday, September 23rd, 10am-3pm

Join us as Temple faculty, students, and alumni present the inspiring works of Beethoven in celebration of his 250th birthday. This performance is led and coordinated by Dr. Joyce Lindorff.  View this program at   (part 1)  (part 2)


picture of manuscript
Beethoven Piano Sonata from the Library of Congress



A Marathon of Music by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

Wednesday, Sept. 23 10am-3pm

This performance is part of the “Beyond the Notes” Series

Sponsored by Temple Libraries

Hosted by Anne Harlow, Performing Arts Librarian

Coordinated by Joyce Lindorff, Professor of Keyboard Studies

Produced by John Pyle, Library Technical Specialist


Part 1:


 Anne Harlow Welcome                                                                 0:09
Joyce Lindorff Welcome                                                                3:52
Lambert Orkis Introduction                                                         7:24

Sonata in F minor “Appassionata,” op. 57
Allegro assai                                                                              15:15
      Andante con moto                                                                     26:32
      Allegro ma non troppo                                                              32:48
Lambert Orkis, fortepiano

Sonata in G major, op. 30 no. 3                                                     41:44

    Allegro vivace

Kimberly Fisher, violin

Michal Schmidt, piano


Sonata in F minor, op. 2 no. 1                                                       45:23


Mădălina-Claudia Dănila, piano


Beethoven Sonata in D major, op. 102 no. 2

Allegro con brio                                                                            49:28

    Adagio con molto sentimento d’affetto                                        57:03

    Allegro                                                                                          1:06:08

Jeffrey Solow, cello

Charles Abramovic, piano


Sonata in D major, op. 10 no. 3                                                     1:11:02                                                                                                               


Silvanio Reis, piano


Sonata in Eb major “Les Adieux,” op. 81a                                 1:18:17


Olena Haviuk-Sheremet, piano

Sonata in A major “Kreutzer,” op. 47                                          1:24:51


Luigi Mazzocchi, violin

David Pasbrig, piano


Sonata “Pathétique,” op. 13                                                          1:34:26                     

    Adagio cantabile

Matthew Culbertson, piano


Concerto in G major, op. 58                                                          1:39:12

    Andante con moto

Katelyn Bouska, piano

Temple University Sinfonia

conducted by Andreas Delfs


Sonata in Eb major, op. 27 no. 1                                                   1:43:56

    Allegro vivace

Jumyeong Lee, piano


Bagatelles, op. 126

    Andante con moto                                                                        1:49:20

    Allegro                                                                                          1:52:30

    Andante                                                                                        1:55:17

    Presto                                                                                            1:57:44

    Quasi Allegretto                                                                           2:01:22

    Presto – Andante amabile e con moto – Tempo I                         2:03:55           

Sirapat Jittapirom, piano


Sonata in A major, op. 69                                                              2:07:05


Chen Chen, cello

Nam Hoàng Nguyễn, piano


Sonata in C# minor “Moonlight,” op. 27 no. 2                          2:12:42

    Adagio sostenuto

Alessandra Tiraterra




Part 2:




Sonata in Ab major, op. 110                                                          0:01

    Moderato cantabile molto espressivo

Bolun Zhang, piano


“Emperor” Concerto in Eb, op. 73

Allegro                                                                                          6:13

    Adagio un poco mosso                                                               26:38

    Rondo. Allegro                                                                              33:40

Sara Davis Buechner, piano

Belgian National Orchestra

conducted by Georges Octors


Sonata in D minor “Tempest,” op. 31 no. 2                                44:40


Mingfu Han, piano


Sonata in E minor, op. 90                                                              51:11

    Nicht zu geschwind und sehr singbar vorgetragen

Charles Sekel, piano


Sonatina in C minor, WoO 43 no. 1                                             58: 38

Sonatina in C major, WoO 44 no. 1                                              1:02:51

Ekatarina Skliar, mandolin

Anna Kislitsyna, harpsichord


Sonata op. 31 no. 3 in Eb major                                                    1:05:30


Regina Amelinda Christy, piano


32 Variations on an Original Theme in C minor, WoO 80       1:11:40

Binghao Li, piano


Duo, WoO 27 no.1                                                                          1:22:27

    Allegro commodo

Abbegail Atwater, clarinets


Sonata in E major, op. 109                                                             1:25:56

    Vivace, ma non troppo and Prestissimo

Rachel Lee, piano


Sonata in A major “Kreutzer,” op. 47                                         1:31:57

(arranged for string orchestra)


iPalpiti Orchestral Ensemble

conducted by Eduard Schmieder


Sonata in C major “Waldstein,” op. 53

    Allegro con brio                                                                            1:42:31

    Introduzione-Adagio molto                                                          1:51:18

    Rondo-Allegretto moderato                                                          1:55:36

Clipper Erickson, piano


Beethoven “Ghost” Trio in D major, op. 70 no. 1                      

Lambert Orkis introduction                                                             2:06:28           

    Largo assai ed espressivo                                                              2:10:30

    Presto                                                                                            2:19:00

The Kennedy Center Chamber Players

Nurit Bar-Josef, violin

David Hardy, cello

Lambert Orkis, piano


Joyce Lindorff  Conclusion                                                           2:27:20


Anne Harlow Conclusion                                                             2:28:31