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From Henry Martin at Rutgers University Library:
The Journal of Jazz Studies is pleased to announce that issue 7.2 (fall, 2011)

is now available. Our peer-reviewed journal is published online by the
Rutgers University Libraries. Individual articles are available for
downloading at

Contents and brief abstracts:

Psychoacoustic Foundations of Contextual Harmonic Stability in Jazz Piano
by James McGowan. pp. 156–191

While many written sources on tonal jazz harmony are implicitly aware of the
fundamental differences between “stable” and “unstable” chords, little
significant work has examined an improvising jazz pianist’s harmonic options
in terms of stability, or “consonance.” For this article the author focuses
on the vertical dimensions of this issue, providing a “harmonic dialects”
model that accounts for variants in chordal membership of stable sonorities,
and an outline of psychoacoustic phenomena that affect how various piano
voicings are interpreted as stable or unstable in different contexts.

The Miles Davis Nonet Manuscripts Lost and Found: From Manuscript to
by Jeffrey Sultanof. pp. 192–257

In 2002 the author published Birth of the Cool, a folio of the Miles Davis
nonet repertoire of 1948 to 1950, based on the original manuscripts. This
article gives a brief history of the nonet and its music; describes how the
manuscripts turned up and how the folio came to be published; presents
listings of the most salient editorial changes made to the parts in
preparing the folio, as well as corrections that should be made to the
folio; and shares new information about this repertoire that has come to
light since the folio’s publication. Finally, the article presents the
author’s philosophical and practical approach to preparing accurate versions
of jazz and popular ensemble music.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Second Miles Davis Quintet
by Benjamin Bierman. pp. 258–265

A review of The Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet, 1965–68, by
Keith Waters (Oxford University Press, 2011).

Jazz Research Bibliography (2007–2008)
by James McGowan and Robin Desmeules. pp. 266–276

This bibliography compiles articles of interest in jazz music scholarship
that were published in 2007 or 2008 and appeared in journals not
specifically dedicated to jazz study.

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