Project Title: CAREER: Algebraic Knowledge for Teaching: A Cross-cultural Perspective

Funding Source: National Science Foundation, CAREER program (#1350068)

Project Duration: August 15, 2014 – July 31, 2020


The goal of this CAREER program of research is to identify, from a cross-cultural perspective, essential Algebraic Knowledge for Teaching (AKT) that will enable elementary teachers to better develop students’ algebraic thinking. Focusing on two fundamental mathematical ideas recently emphasized by the Common Core State Standards – inverse relations and properties of operations – this study explores AKT based on integrated insights of the U.S. and Chinese expert teachers’ classroom performance. It will be focused on three objectives: (1) identify AKT that facilitates algebraic thinking and develop preliminary findings into teaching materials; (2) refine research-based teaching materials based on the evaluative data; and (3) integrate research with education through course development at Temple University and teacher outreach in Philadelphia. A design-based research method will be used to accomplish objectives #1 and #2. Cross-cultural videotaped lessons will be first analyzed to identify AKT, focusing on teachers’ use of worked examples, representations, and deep questions. This initial set of findings will then be developed into teaching materials. The U.S. and Chinese expert teachers will re-teach the lessons as part of the refinement process.


Chinese Classroom
U.S. Classroom










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