Publications and Write ups

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  • N. Khoudari, S. Almatrudi, R. Ramadan, J. Carpio, M. Yao, K. Butts, J. Lee, A. Bayen, B. Seibold. A Systematic Model Reduction Pipeline from Detailed Vehicle Energy Dynamics to Simple Physics-like Models (in submission)
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  • J. Lee, G. Gunter, R. Ramadan, N. Khoudari, et al. Integrated Framework of Vehicle Dynamics, Instabilities, Energy Models, and Sparse Flow Smoothing Controllers. DI-CPS’21: Proceedings of the Workshop on Data-Driven and Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems: 41-47, 2021.
  • N. Khoudari. Approximation of non-holomorphic maps. Master’s Thesis American University of Beirut, 2018.