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Michael graduated from Temple University in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts and earned a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2017. He is currently studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Penn State. During his time at Temple University, Michael served as a Research Assistant and Program Facilitator on a Suicide Prevention Grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration at the Wellness Resource Center, the President of Temple’s American Medical Student Association chapter (and, before becoming President, International Health and Policy Director), and a Senior Peer Health Educator at the Wellness Resource Center. Michael was a member of a number of organizations including the Temple College Democrats, Temple Student Government, Alpha Epsilon Delta (premedical honor society), Temple Biology Society, Temple Chemical Society, and a number of others. Michael also served as the President of Temple QSU (and, before that, Financial Director), a Diamond Leader through the University’s Office of Leadership Development, and a REAL Change Fellow with RESULTS where he lobbied Members of Congress on issues of global health.

Michael is a firm believer that growth and success come out of interdisciplinary educational experiences, experiential learning, and genuine community involvement. As a result, he has completed extensive coursework across a variety of fields including sociology and the sociomedical sciences, global and international health, globalization, Chinese culture and history, political science, the physical, life, and health sciences, mathematics, economics, French and German language, research design and methodology, qualitative and quantitative methods, ethics and philosophy, leadership, and much more. Michael believes that knowledge and experience are like tools in a toolbox – the more you acquire and understand, the greater the number of situations for which you are equipped. He also believes in the interconnectedness of the world and recognizes that nothing happens in isolation. At face value, globalization, the history of the People’s Republic of China, and medicine may seem disconnected but, upon digging deeper, one notices the thread that ties the economic impacts of globalization and the changing face of our global economy to development and industrialization in China and, as such, the widespread environmental and health effects on the country’s population — this is just one example.

Throughout his undergraduate career, Michael has been engaged in an array of both hands-on and observational opportunities ranging from political campaigns to autopsies. He has traveled the East Coast to participate in protests and demonstrations, served on several University committees, spoke on numerous panels for different events and organizations, and hosted monthly documentary screenings to discuss, and reduce stigma surrounding, mental health conditions. Michael also enjoyed the privilege of being recognized at Temple’s 2014 Lavender Graduation Ceremony.

Michael also maintains an interest in entrepreneurship and the power of innovative entrepreneurial endeavors to change the global landscape for the better by emphasizing the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit). In 2013, Michael founded the Mauch Chunk Coffee Company.

In May 2012, Temple University sent Michael to the Leadershape Institute – a six day, intensive institute focused on developing an advanced understanding of dynamics of power and influence, ethical leadership, personal and team goal setting, action planning, personal vision and core values, emotional intelligence, and inclusive leadership. Dr. Michael D. Anthony, Assistant Vice President for Access, Equity & Diversity at the Oakton Community College was a Lead Facilitator at Leadershape and is quoted farther down the page. The study of theoretical and practical leadership has been of interest to Michael from the start of his undergraduate career. He was a resident in a Leadership Living/Learning Community and took a course entitled “Learning Through Leadership.” Additionally, he has received a Certificate of Completion from Temple University’s Emerging Leaders Seminar Series, a six-week long series of interactive workshops designed to develop leadership skills through speaking engagements, team-building and management exercises, critical self-analysis, exploration of leadership styles and approaches, and an analysis of the Facets of Leadership as described in The Leadership Challenge. Michael was a participant in the 2012 Inclusive Leadership Conference, a volunteer at the 2013 conference, and, at the 2014 conference, gave two separate presentations.

If you’re looking for Michael, you can often find him on his laptop. He strongly believes in the power of the Internet and technology to improve the lives of people around the world – in everything from health to education. He has committed himself to staying on-top of emerging technologies so that he may utilize them in his personal development and in the workforce.

A complete list of Michael’s experience, current certifications, and recommendations is available on his LinkedIn profile.

“Immediately upon meeting Mr. Kovich I was impressed with his presence, sincerity, and confidence. He is clearly a scholar amongst scholars, who has a clear sense about his future and knows exactly how he is going to get there. He does this with a determination that I rarely, if ever, observe in my personal and professional relationships. He has a passion and clear-mindedness that is both palpable and inspiring. Out of the hundreds to thousands of students I work with every year, Michael rises to the top. He is someone with whom I look forward to being connected for a long time, and he will be a tremendous asset to any organization or employer. Possessing high integrity, maturity, and intelligence, he is in a word, exceptional.”

– Dr. Michael D. Anthony, Assistant Vice President for Access, Equity & Diversity at the Oakton Community College

“It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Michael Kovich for his career pursuing. Michael has been a student in my Mathematics class during the Spring semester in 2012, he caught my attention at the first class of semester. He learned Mathematics with passion. His passion really inspired me, I taught them with joy. I could use a heuristic approach to teach, to encourage a deeper answer in the class. His passion was so deep impression on me for a long time. Michael has proved to be a clever, hard working and enthusiastic student, he studied proactively and diligently. During study time, he always reached the top level in the class, he not only with his scores but also with a special ability for understanding concepts and solving each deeper problem. Michael built a Math study group out of class and using free time to help the other student; he was activity, an easy person and good at working with other students.

Michael told me that he wants to be a Medicine Doctor; I am sure he will be an excellent doctor and have a bright future in his career. I would like to give a higher recommendation for his career pursuing, if necessary, I will be pleased to give any further information in relation to Michael’s study in my class.”

– Dr. Peiwen Tan, Professor of Mathematics at Temple University

“It was my sincere pleasure to mentor Michael during his time at DevMountain. Michael brings all of the skills and abilities of a driven web developer. He is smart, analytical, fast, flexible, intelligent, and focused. He applies these essential characteristics to everything he does and it shows in his work. He’s also an amazing human being and such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for all software development positions.”

– Erik Golden, Lead Mentor at DevMountain

“I worked with Michael when he was a student at DevMountain. In terms of potential, Michael is unmatched. He’s incredibly driven, focused on success, and has a very bright future. Michael is able to effectively leverage his intelligence alongside his interpersonal skills to immediately impress upon others that he knows the path forward. Michael worked hard during his time at DevMountain, was awarded best personal project overall, and helped to lift his team to building a top-level group project. I would highly recommend Michael for any position.”

– Steven Isbell, Lead Instructor at DevMountain

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