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Get Informed about Physical Security!

“Is Physical Security for Computers Important?”


Smart devices such as Microsoft Surface, iPad, Samsung tablets, and laptops are coming out in shapes that can be easily concealed and stolen without much haggling with wires. It is absolutely important to protect your device because it is important and stores all of your information. Here are few tips that will help reduce the chances of your item being stolen.

1. On your personal equipment, add your contact information permanently on the device. You can also etch your equipment or add a security plate. To know more, click on the following links:
Laser Etching
Security Plates – Stop The Theft

2. When in public spaces, using strong security cables to lock down your portable device to the desk or working space, can prevent thefts from occurring. Invest in some now!:
Security Cables & More

3. Helpful hints: Never leave your computer or device untended in a public space!

4. Install tracking software on your laptop. Companies such LoJack offer a subscription service that can be used to track your device. You may also try to download a free, open-source tracking tool “Prey” that offers similar service.

5. Last but not least, use a strong password on your device/workstation. Always lock your computer when not around using it. How to Create a Strong Password Links:
Windows Tips for Passwords
Norton Password Generator

Always be attentive about your device and surroundings! And to help, security cables, software and strong passwords are always available!

Amazon Same-day shipping

One of my students came in to my office today and announced that Amazon now ships items the same day. I did not believe it at first but after some research, I found it to be true and fantastic news! Amazon does ship items the same-day to certain cities, including Philadelphia, for one flat rate.  Amazon Prime members will pay a lower rate then non-Prime members.  (This should be an incentive to sign up for Amazon Prime.)  Disclaimer: This is just the writer’s opinion.

Amazon announced today that it will ship items the same day by 9pm if ordered by noon. For more details about which cities are eligible, click here: Amazon East Coast & Mid West Delivery.

For a full press release, please click here: Amazon Media Rooms

Happy shopping!

Apple MacBook Pro Updates!

Yesterday, Apple updated the MacBook Pro with Retina Display with “faster processors, double the memory in both entry-level configurations, and a new, lower starting price for the top-of-the-line 15-inch notebook“.

Instead of 4GB of standard RAM (random access memory), the newly updated MacBook Pro starts with a standard of 8GB of RAM. In addition, the new notebooks have a slightly faster Intel Haswell processor.

The MacBook Pro price starts at $1299 ($1199 with education pricing AND you also get a $100 Apple Store Gift Card)!

“If you were in the market to buy a MacBook Pro, now is certainly the time!” – Kevin, student tech assistant