How About Adding Internet-Connected Computers in Media Services

As a suggestion, a computer terminal is needed in the basement for internet usage.  If you’re working downstairs on microfilm or whatever it becomes time consuming to have to stop what you’re doing to go upstairs to use a computer to retrieve information.

When the Media Services department was being planned in 2007-2008, thought was given to adding a few regular computer workstations to the area that are similar to the ones on all other floors of the library. Why didn’t we add them? We had only a limited budget for the project, and only a limited number of connections we could add. Yes, at Temple University there is a significant cost associated with adding a new Internet connection plus the ongoing monthly cost for each connection. We wanted to have at least two quick lookup terminals for those who wanted to check for videos on our library catalog. Those two devices are working out well. But you can’t use them for checking e-mail or other applications – by design. Admittedly, it can be a hassle to go from Media Services up to the first floor if you need to connect to the Internet. We will take your suggestion into consideration, and it could be a possible future enhancement for that area. In the meantime, if you are going to be in the Media Services area for an extended period, consider borrowing a laptop or notebook computer from the Circulation/Reserve Desk. There is wireless connectivity in the Media Services area, and equipped with a laptop or notebook, you’d never need to leave. Thank you for your suggestion.

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