If We Had More Outlets No One Would Trip Over My Power Cord

I often study on the first floor where the new study carols (study desk) have been added. While studying, in less than 20 minutes six people tripped over my laptop cord, one of which almost knocked my laptop to the floor. It is my hope that more electrical cords will be added in a more convenient place (i.e. floor, side panels of the study desk etc.). 

The issue of the need for more electrical outlets has been addressed in a previous post to our suggestion blog. You can read it here

As was indicated in that earlier post, we’d love to add more outlets to meet the needs of students who need to power up or charge their technology devices. As we noted:

Adding a lot of outlets is impossible in the current building since we are now at full electrical capacity and cannot add any more circuits to existing panels. 

So unfortunately we have no easy solution here. If you are planning to study at the library, charge up your device ahead of time. Get to know the areas of the libraries where more outlets are found. And by the way, please be careful about those power cords. We really want to avoid having someone get hurt because they tripped over your power cord.

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