I Want to Read The Economist

I am wondering why issues of current magazines are not on the shelves. I know there was a different post below but for the past 3 weeks I have not been able to access the current issue of The Economist. It is never on the shelf and rarely is there ever any issues at all on the shelves, and when they are they are always in poor condition. I have a suspicion that other students are taking them out of the Library. Can popular magazines like The Economist be signed out for periods of maybe 2 hours then returned so they can be kept track of? A second suggestion would be to order a second or third issue so more people can read it. Can something please be done about this?

Thanks for sharing your frustrations about your inability to get a hold of issues of The Economist. We are frustrated by this as well. Unfortunately, it appears we are losing these issues to a student or students who are absconding with these recent issues. We do not allow these issues to be borrowed from the library, so if your suspicions are correct then a student or some students are being unethical in their use of what is a community resource. All I’ll say at this point is that your suggestions are well taken, and that we are going to step up our efforts to keep The Economist issues here in the Library where they belong. Thank you for brining this problem to our attention. Please know that we are concerned and are taking action.

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