Why Aren’t Current Issues of Magazines on the Shelf

I like to browse publications like the New Republic and The Economist and I have noticed that the Library often doesn’t have these out on the shelf until weeks after the newstands do. E-versions are fine, but I like to browse the print editions. Any chance of getting the weekly periodicals out on time?

Thank you for sharing your concerns about finding the latest issues of magazines and journals you’d like to regularly read. It’s great to hear from students and faculty who continue to find our print collections of great value. We receive dozens of periodicals every day, and we do our best to make them available to those awaiting them as fast as we possibly can.  We receive our journals via the US mail which is usually later than the newstand date.  Once the issues are in the building it normally takes us approximately 2- 5 days to place the titles on the current periodical shelves.  The two titles you were looking for are two of our most used titles.  It is possible that someone has removed the journal and is reading it elsewhere in the library. Here is additional information on the handling of these two titles:

The New Republic

Issue for Sept. 23rd was checked in and shelved Sept. 29.  It is not currently on the shelf. 

Sept. 9th was shelved on Sept. 2nd and is currently on shelf.

Aug. 12 was rec’d on Aug. 4th and is on shelf

Jul. 15 was rec’d on Jul 8th and is on shelf.


The Economist

The most recent issue was found in the “to be shelved” bin which means someone had been looking at it.  All other issues were on shelf.


Issue for Sept. 19-25th rec’d on Sept. 25th

Sept. 12-18 rec’d on Sept. 23rd

Sept. 5-11th rec’d on Sept. 10th

Aug. 29-Sept. 4th rec’d on Sept 9th.


As you can see we usually receive the NR a week before the date of the issue.  However, The Economist is received after the issue date.


 If you do not find an issue at its shelf location you should first check the reshelf bin in the periodicals area. If you still do not find the issue proceed to the reference desk and request assistance to find an issue. The reference librarian will contact a member of our acquisitions department who can provide assistance.  I apologize if you could not find the title you were interested in.  I am available to speak with you or other patrons who have concerns or suggestions for our periodical collection


Carole R. Bell, Head, Acquisistions Dept.



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