How Come I Can’t Get Support for Endnote From the Library?

I am thinking of acquiring Endnote as software I can use to manage my citations and create bibliographies. I recall that the Temple University Libraries at one time provided support for Endnote users. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. What happened?

You are correct that the Libaries did at one time provide support for Endnote. However, in 2005 the Libraries acquired a subscription to RefWorks, a web-based service for managing personal citations and creating bibliographies. Through the Libraries, RefWorks is free to everyone who has a currently valid Temple University network account. As a result of the move to RefWorks the Libraries found they could no longer support Endnote.

If you would like to know more about RefWorks and how it compares to Endnote you can read this older blog post about the two different bibliographic managers. If you want to explore other options you can learn more about Zotero which is an open source bibliographic management software. At this time the Libraries do not support Zotero.

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