Computer Applications

The two primary applications that teachers and scholars used in the program are

  • Canvas Learning Management System (LMS): Canvas is the most widely used LMS among

U.S. universities. Teachers use Canvas to communicate with students, provide materials, receive student assignments, and provide direct feedback on assessments. In short, Canvas helps to facilitate all student work, in-person or virtually, and provides a detailed record of student learning.   

  • Zoom video conference software: Zoom serves as the host for all synchronous (at the same time)

Virtual workshops. Zoom capabilities allow for an interactive learning environment where all workshop sessions are recorded, and students can access for review if they are absent.  

Providing Technology Access

Recognizing that rural governates in Jordan have less access to technology and internet connectivity than urban areas and to foster as inclusive a program as possible, Temple will include the following technology access and support:

  • Computer Access: A Chromebook will be provided for each scholar allowing full program participation.
  • Internet Access: Each Chromebook will include a SIM card, from a local internet provider; we estimate this will allow full participation in synchronous virtual workshops as well as access to asynchronous content such as videos and other limited streaming content.
  • Technology support: To assist with establishing internet connectivity for students for whom local internet is not available even with Temple-purchased plans, if possible, Temple will partner with in-country agencies or institutions in students’ towns or regions, including, for example, local libraries or schools.
  • For support with accessing and using Temple’s virtual learning systems, TCALC has an IT specialist who will be available for questions and guidance to ensure the best possible experience.

Because of the need for adequate internet connectivity to participate in this predominantly virtual program, students who do not have access to an internet provider for internet services or to a local organization where they can access internet services may not be selected to participate.  Temple will do its best, as outlined above to provide technology and internet access to ensure diverse outreach to underserved areas of Jordan