I officially completed my fellowship on July 17th. After spending a good portion of my time working on digitization and data collection, this week consisted of a frantic sprint to complete my remaining tasks. This week was by far the most stressful week of my summer, as I had to create an exhibit and write an official blog post for the APS. The target audience for my digital exhibit is mostly other scholars and researchers, so I felt a lot of pressure to produce high quality work. Though stressful, I think writing about the Speck collection was my favorite task overall. After spending several weeks seeing the same photographs over and over again, it was nice to have the opportunity to gather my thoughts and think critically about how to interpret them in an exhibit. I am fortunate in that the APS gave me freedom to interpret the collection the way I wanted to.

I am satisfied being able to look back at all of the tasks I accomplished in such a short amount of time. Hopefully my digital exhibit and official blog post will go live within the next two or three weeks pending approvals. Though I was wary at first, this fellowship has been a great experience. Aside from accomplishing physical tasks, I was able to develop my skills working in an archive as well as my ability to think critically and write about archival materials. I was also able to work with and meet a lot of great individuals and hope to stay connecting to the ongoing of the APS.

Hours: 21
Total Hours: 140