This week, I continued the process of collecting metadata for the Frank Speck printed photograph collection at the American Philosophical Society. There are over 4,000 in the collection, which makes for a very tedious, but necessary job. This process involves going through boxes, one at a time, and extracting the information from the information sheets in each folder. The information I am collecting includes the title of the photograph, its identification number, geographic location (if given), date, and any additional notes. All of this information gets inserted into a spread sheet, which will eventually used to create an enhanced finding guide for the collection.

I wish I had something more exciting to talk about, but this is all I have done this week. Though it can be boring, I recognize the importance in completing this step of the process before I can move on to anything else. Gathering all of this information will increase accessibility to the collection and hopefully people will be able to find photos by searching key terms instead of having to physically go through thousands of photographs.

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