Curriculum Vitae



Assistant Professor of Economics, Providence College (2017-)

Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia (2016-)

Assistant Professor of Economics, Creighton University (2014-2017)


  • Temple University, Ph.D. in Economics, 2014.
  • Temple University, M.A. in Economics, 2011.
  • University of Tulsa, B.S. in Economics, 2009.


Health Economics, Labor Economics, Entrepreneurship, Regulation


The Effect of Health Insurance Benefit Mandates on PremiumsEastern Economic Journal 2013

Who Pays for Obesity? Evidence from Health Insurance Benefit Mandates, Economics Letters 2013

Who Pays the High Health Costs of Older Workers? Evidence from Prostate Cancer Screening Mandates, Applied Economics, 2014

Did the Affordable Care Act’s Dependent Coverage Mandate Increase Premiums for Family Plans? (with Briggs Depew) Journal of Health Economics, 2015

Employer-Provided Health Insurance and Job Mobility (with Anna Chorniy) Contemporary Economic Policy, 2015

The Effect of State Health Insurance Benefit Mandates on Premiums and Employee Contributions” (with Nathan Blascak), Applied Economics Letters, 2016

Do Health Insurance Benefit Mandates Discourage Employment” (with Douglas Webber), Journal of Risk and Insurance, 2016

The Effect of Certificate of Need Laws on All-Cause Mortality“, Health Services Research 2016

The Political Roots of Health Insurance Benefit Mandates” (with Douglas Webber), Journal of Economic Studies 2017

Certificate of Need Laws and Health Care Prices” (with Tom Hamami and Daniel McCorry), Journal of Health Care Finance, 2017

Health Insurance and the Supply of Entrepreneurs: New Evidence from the Affordable Care Act’s Dependent Coverage Mandate, Small Business Economics 2017

Regulating Away Competition: The Effect of Regulation on Entrepreneurship and Employment” (with Diana Thomas,  Journal of Regulatory Economics 2017)

Affordable Care Act Waivers and Firm Valuation” (with John Wingender and Coleman Drake, Applied Economics Letters 2018)

Regressive Effects of Regulation on Wages” (with Diana Thomas and Joe Anderson, forthcoming at Public Choice)

The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Entrepreneurship” (with Dhaval Dave, forthcoming at Eastern Economic Journal)

Does “Excess Supply” Drive Excessive Health Spending? The Case of Certificate-of-Need Laws” (Journal of Private Enterprise, 2018)

Can Health Spending Be Reined In Through Supply Constraints? An Evaluation of Certificate of Need Laws” (forthcoming at Journal of Public Health)


Gigabit Fiber Networks & Speed Competition in the United States: Cross-Sectional Analysis at the Census Block Level” (with Michael Kotrous)

Regulatory Review Time and Pharmaceutical R&D” (with Anna Chorniy, Abdulkadir Civan, and Michael Maloney)

Competition and Health-Care Spending: Theory and Application to Certificate of Need Laws” (with Tom Hamami)


Labor Economics

Health Economics (MBA)

Introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life

Applied Economic Research

Health Economic Policy

History of Economic Theory

Microeconomic Principles

Macroeconomic Principles


Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship, 2013

Humane Studies Fellow, 2011-2014

Venture Capitalist’s Choice, Philly Code Fest, 2013

Temple University College of Liberal Arts Travel and Research Award, 2011

University of Tulsa Outstanding Senior in Economics, 2009

National Merit Scholarship, University of Tulsa, 2005-2009


How Obamacare could unlock job opportunities, Shaila Dewan, New York Times Magazine February 2014.

Hidden Costs of Health Benefit Mandates, James Bailey and Douglas Webber, RealClearPolicy June 2015

Red Tape Kills Jobs, James Bailey and Diana Thomas, US News and World Report September 2015

The True Cost of Smoking by State, Richie Bernardo, WalletHub January 2016.

How a Medicare Fix Backfires, James Bailey, US News and World Report August 2016.

RI’s Economy is Tied for 3nd Worst in Growth, Says U.S. Commerce and Experts Issue Warnings, GoLocalProv, November 2018.

Who gets health insurance from their employer?, James Bailey, Medium August 2019

Which Doctors Get Paid the Most?, James Bailey, American Institute for Economic Research August 2019

Radio: John Batchelor Show, Illinois Watchdog Radio, WJPF (August 2016)


2019: American Economic Association, Public Choice, Southern Economic Association (scheduled)

2018: American Economic Association, Eastern Economic Association, Truman State University, American Society of Health Economists, Southern Economic Association

2017: American Economic Association, Florida House of Representatives (Health Innovation Subcommittee), Providence College, University of the Sciences, Public Choice Society, Rice University, International Health Economics Association, University of Louisville, Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship Scholars, Southern Economic Association

2016: Bentley University, Public Choice Society, Association for Private Enterprise Education, American Society of Health Economists, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Southern Economic Association

2015: West Virginia University, Eastern Economic Association, University of New Orleans, Public Choice Society, Association for Private Enterprise Education, Kauffman Midwest Research Workshop, Methodist University, Southern Economic Association

2014: American Economic Association, Southern Political Science Association, Public Choice Society, Society of Labor Economists, American Society of Health Economics, Southern Economic Association

2013: Eastern Economic Association, Association for Private Enterprise Education, Western Economic Association, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Samford University, University of Tulsa, International Atlantic Economic Society, Louisiana State University, Southern Economic Association

2012: Southern Economic Association

2011: Northeast Business and Economic Association

2009: American Association for the Advancement of Science, Economics Scholars Program (FRB Dallas)


Institute for Humane Studies Adjunct Program Officer 2015-2019

Public Choice Outreach Seminar, 2013

Duke Center for the History of Political Economy Summer Institute 2011, 2012


Applied Economics, Economics Scholars Program, Contemporary Economic Policy, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Social Science and Medicine, Health Services Research, Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, Journal of Health Economics, Health Economics, American Journal of Health Economics, International Journal of Health Economics and Management, Inquiry, Health Affairs, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, Journal of Human Resources, Business Forum, Feminist Economics, Eastern Economic Journal, Southern Economic Journal, Forum for Health Economics and Policy, Journal of Adolescent Health, Journal of Business Venturing, Small Business Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Oxford University Press


SAS, Stata, Matlab, Eviews, R


Citizenship: US

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