Triumph and Tragedy

A. Give’m Hell Harry

B. Potsdam

C. Politics of Postponement

D. Manhattan Project

1. Conceal from Stalin
2. Share with Churchill

E. Atomic Diplomacy

1. Signalling
2. Compellence

3. Deterrence
4. Nuclear Blackmail


F. Potsdam Declaration

G. Hiroshima/Nagasaki


James Byrnes

Clement Attlee

Council of Foreign Ministers

Alamogordo, New Mexico (July 16, 1945)

Leslie Groves

Gar Alperovitz

Henry Stimson

Robert Oppenheimer

Operation Downfall/Olympic (Kyushu)

Race War

Know Your Enemy

Bureaucratic Momentum

Enola Gay

Paul Tibbets

Smithsonian Exhibit