Globalization and Its Discontents

A. Adrift in a Global Sea

B. We All Lost the Cold War

  1. Peace Dividend
  2. Japan

C. The Strategy of Enlargement-Modernized Wilsonianism

  1. Globalization
  2. Market Expansion (and Consumption)
  3. The Democratic Peace

D. The Economic Architecture

  1. North American Free Trade Association (NAFTA)
  2. World Trade Organization (WTO)
  3. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperative (APEC)

E. Security Architecture

  1. American-Russian Agreements
  2. Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
  3. NATO Expansion

F. A World Unglued

  1. Haiti
  2. Somalia
  3. Rwanda
  4. The Balkans (Serbia/Bosnia/Croatia/Kosovo Map)
  5. The Middle East


Francis Fukyama, “End of History”
Samuel Huntington, “Clash of Civilizations”
Warren Christopher
Anthony Lake
Strobe Talbott
Boris Yeltsin

Partnership for Peace
Vladimir Putin
Madeleine Albright
United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR)

Richard Holbrooke
Dayton Peace Accords on Bosnia

Wesley Clark
Oslo Accords
Wye River Summit
Camp David Summit