Philosophers Annual “Ten Best Articles” of 2007

Philosophers Annual “Ten Best Articles” of 2007:

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“Reflection and Disagreement”
Adam Elga
from Nous 41 (2007), 478-502

“Why Nothing Mental is Just in the Head”
Justin Fisher
from Nous 41 (2007), 318-334

“Socrates’ Profession of Ignorance”
Michael N. Forster
from Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 3 (2007), 1-36

“When is a Brain Like a Planet?”
Clark Glymour
from Philosophy of Science 74 (2007), 330-347

“But Mom, Crop Tops are Cute!
Social Knowledge, Social Structure and Ideology Critique”
Sally Haslanger
from Philosophical Issues 17, The Metaphysics of Epistemology, pp. 70-91

“Innocent Statements and their Metaphysically Loaded Counterparts”
Thomas Hofweber
from Philosophers’ Imprint 7 (2007), 1-33

“Honest Illusion: Valuing for Nietzsche’s Free Spirits”
Nadeem Hussain
from B. Leiter & N. Sinhababu, eds., Nietzsche and Morality
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007, 157-191

“Moral Responsibility and Determinism:
The Cognitive Science of Folk Intuitions”
Shaun Nichols & Joshua Knobe
from Nous 41 (2007), 663-668

“Covenants and Reputations”
Peter Vanderschraaf
from Synthese 157 (2007), 167-195

“Epistemic Modals”
Seth Yalcin
from Mind 16 (2007), 983-1026

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