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I’ve been listening to a bunch of fundamentalist Christian podcasts of late. This is food for thought for many in our country, though it might seem a bit distant at Temple University. You can learn about how the Book of Daniel presaged the split in the Alexandrian empire and the rise of the first Anti-Christ, Antiochus, and how Antiochus presaged the coming of the next Anti-Christ during the Tribulation (whether you believe in the pre-Trib or post-Trib rapture). I also listened to someone explain how you need to go back to Adam and Eve to fully understand the essence of the Anti-Christ.  She has evidently spent her life searching for the Anti-Christ.

Have a listen:

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  1. I love this group of podcasts, especially Chris White and Frank Lordi. If you haven’t you should listen to the Frank and Chris show. You would probably really enjoy it.
    William Shelton

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