Tutorial Assignment – Fall 2022

For Fall of 2022, tutorial topics should be chosen from a package within PySAL, the Python Spatial Analysis Library (https://pysal.org/). I will consider other packages as long as they are primarily analytical. Examples include rasterio (raster analysis) and scikit-learn (machine learning). You should not choose a package that is primarily (geo)visualization, such as seaborn (statistical visualization) or folium (web mapping).

PySAL is released in a few different modules. Following are some notes on these modules and their packages:

  • PySAL Lib Module (https://pysal.org/lib/) – This is primarily support for the other modules. You may need to refer to it, but should not prepare a tutorial on this module directly.
  • PySAL Explore Module (https://pysal.org/explore/) – A group of modules for statistical and visual data exploration. Any of these would be suitable. In particular, you might be interested in:
  • PySAL Model Module (https://pysal.org/model/) – These are several packages for statistical analysis. In most cases, you will be best served if you already have familiarity with the specific analytical methods, e.g. through having taken GUS 5162. But if something is of interest to you, don’t let that stop you. In particular, I think the following packages will probably be fairly accessible even if you’ve not familiar with the analytical methods:
  • PySAL Viz Module (https://pysal.org/viz/) – May be incorporated into other presentations, but these packages are too basic to support a tutorial on their own. I may present some of this information in other classes.

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