Finding Gender Video Art

Lylo & Loukah. Another Truth About Gender: In Order to Have 2 Sides, There Must Be A Middle (2018)

Part Two of a collective project where we asked for video submissions; this one shines light on folks of non-binary existence and how they see the world of gender. We are two queerdos who don’t really fit in this world or the numerous boxes it imposes. We find meaning through connection and love through camaraderie. Some days are easier than others, but if it weren’t for the waves of existence, how else would we know just how beautiful it can be

Who the Eff. Masc 4 Masque (2019)

Masc 4 Masque shows the day of a trans-masc character as they prepare for a date later, while discovering how they’d like to present their gender externally that day. From simple shaving, to testosterone injections, to trying on various outfits, our character finds joy in playing with gender expression and finding their truest self that day. 

Who The Eff is a Philadelphia based online web series, featuring shorts depicting queer characters, created by and large by queer content-creators. Our art aims to focus on the joys of queer life, and also to subvert genres and stereotypes about queer folx, and we have various shorts planned for 2019 depicting a range of stories, from sci-fi to sitcom-style comedy. We are almost entirely volunteer-based at the present time, with all funds raised being directed into our content. Follow us on Instagram @whotheeff for more info!

Tommy Bruce. Atmus Frolicking in the Mountains (2018)

Tommy Bruce is an artist residing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he is a student of the MFA Photography program at University of New Mexico. His work centers on an exploration of identity and community in contemporary culture through work with the Furry community. He was born in State College, Pennsylvania and received his BFA in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014.

Madeline Marvin. Workout with the Girls ft Saggy Tits (2019)

Double woven cloth made into tubular forms to mimic long saggy boobs. Made with multiple different strands of yarn, the boobs are quite colorful. They are being performed in an 80’s style workout video. 

Madeline Marvin works with various loud, bright, neon colors and soft fabrics to create work that is spunky and yet jarring. Her work demands the space it resides in, while also constructing an environment for her pieces to thrive. Her art explores ideas around body positivity, sexual freedom, and coming of age. Her work is outwardly funny and charming, while dealing with serious topics such as consent, sexual health status, and even death. Madeline strives to shatter mythology surrounding feminine sexual pleasure, normalize the female orgasm, and undo the idea of female sexuality as being dangerous and chaotic.

Paige Lizbeth Morris. Mouth to Mouth (2018)

Mouth to Mouth, video performance, cast lipstick. Mouth to Mouth is an exploration in gendered sexuality. Ambiguous and intimate, I perform the task of applying lipstick while considering the formula of the beauty advertisement: Here’s the problem, here’s how to fix it, now you look great and feel great too. My feminine inadequacy has been inflicted by a constant confrontation with the idea of female perfection and has left me with a burning question: if I do not consistently perform my gender, does this make me a faulty female? Exhausted by my assumed feminine incompetence, I attempt to resuscitate my girlish identity. The lipstick mirror in Mouth to Mouth reflects who I must become so I won’t be ignored. Facing one another longingly before an intimate interaction, I painstakingly apply the lipstick, distorting my face in the process. The goal is to reconstruct myself, to be more desirable and flaunt sex appeal while begging the viewer to consider how we deserve to be perceived.

I am middle-born, always looking at the in-between. My glass sculptures and mixed media installations reveal an endless pursuit to locate the place between hope and hopelessness. The work is a paradoxical exploration of pain and comfort as I attempt to navigate uncertainty. By blurring the lines between the public and the private, I propose an investigation into what is seen and unseen.

Alanna Beroiza. Self(ie) (2015)

In 2013 the Oxford English Dictionary chose “Selfie” as its word of the year, citing a 17,000% increase in the use of this word between November 2012 and November 2013. Though staggering, the figure is far from unbelievable. Posting self-captured 1 images of oneself to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has become a quotidian practice in recent years. The intervals at which selfies appear on social media feeds are now so brief that they hardly warrant a mark. And yet, is it not the very function of the selfie to mark, frame, record, and punctuate a moment in time?

Layla Marcelle Mrozowski. Material (1) (2018)

Material (3) (2018)

Porn, hypnotism, haptics, fruit.

Layla Marcelle Mrozowski is a post-disciplinary artist engaged with the body, choreography, writing, image-making, object-making, antagonism, synesthetic logic, materialism, realness, homonyms and other doubles, maps, and the aesthetics of pleasure. She’s interested in the dynamic tensions of difference, or the spaces between discourses, and her practice often involves a stereoscopic pairing of disparate concepts (like art + porn). Enchanted by the co-constituted, inconstant relationship of linguistics, conceptual maps and perception, she uses written and spoken language to queer sensation, to make the familiar strange, to expose cognitive frameworks with playful irreverence. She is ½ of The Party.

C. Klockner. two bodies (2017)

In two bodies, one channel depicts the artist’s body and the other depicts the undercarriage of a 1990 Toyota Pickup, a car that the artist owned at the time of filming that had just suffered engine failure. The video slowly scans both bodies in a similar manner, and the viewer can see from the footage how lovely a car she was.

Frances Beaver. Man Made Lakes Lie Stiller in the Night than the Real Thing (2016)

Born in Delco, Frances Beaver is an artist living and working in Philadelphia. Using universe construction and storytelling, she develops elaborate mythologies and folklores for contemporary Pennsylvania life that take the form of movies. Music is important and so is playfulness. She was a co-founding member of the artist collective New Boon(e) and her work has been shown at Fringe Arts, the ICA, Icebox Project Space, Johnny Brenda’s, Practice Gallery, and Little Berlin. She received her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and she received her BFA from Tyler School of Art. Her work can be seen on her Vimeo page