Büşra Tanrıverdi


Graduate Student

Temple University

Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory 

Expected Graduation: May 2025

Ongoing Projects:

  • The effects of air pollution on cognitive development
  • Medial Temporal Lobe involvement in emotional face processing in people with recent traumatic experiences

Research Interests:

  • Neural basis of emotional memory across development & across healthy and clinical populations
  • Memory of social events and person perception

About Me:

Büşra is a graduate student in the Cognition and Neuroscience department, co-mentored by Dr. Ingrid Olson and Dr. Jason Chein. She received her B.A. in Psychology at Istanbul Sehir University, and her M.A. in Cognitive Psychology at Koc University, Istanbul. In her free time, she enjoys watercolor painting, socializing with her friends, and exploring Philly.