Hanlu Yang

Ms. Catherine (Hanlu Yang) is a PhD. student in Temple University. Her research interests are robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning.

Michael Korostelev

Mr. Korostelev is a full-time application development supervisor for the Black Knight. The range in which he supervises is the technology standards, software quality, architecture, and software development life cycle (SDLC) for artificial intelligence and machine learning document processing products.

Qiangguo Ren

Mr. James (Qiangguo) Ren is a PhD student. His current research interest is multi-agent system, optimization and smart grid.

Ying Feng

Ying Feng is a master student. She received her bachelor of science degree in Optical Information Science and Technology from the Beijing Jiaotong University. After working for several years, she came back to graduate school seeking academic record enhancement and professional development.

Alex Wroblewski

Mr. Alex Wroblewski was an undergraduate student working on the humanoid robot SMART project, focusing on ROS architecture and data collection tools. Now he is a software engineer at Lutron Electronics, where he designs and develops the next generation of smart home products to improve the quality of life.

Balakumar Ragunathan

MSEE, 2007. Now works as a full-time technical program manager in the Infrastructure Software department for Motional. He works on program initiation, planning, and execution while doing risk assessment and mitigation. Support cross-functional teams in the organization with many dependencies, regular cadence with CTO and VPs presenting overall program health and status, and rolls out Scrum Agile framework as part of the PMO.

Feiyu Xiong

MSEE, 2009. Now at Alibaba as a data scientist that established a brand data service for the whole Alibaba company. This includes brand data management, brand-related data mining, branding, and brand modeling, and providing data service to all the main business unit including Taobao, Tmall, 1688, etc…

Kanupriya Salaria

MSEE, 2006. Currently working in Collins Aerospace as a full-time Associate Director Product Line.

Krunal Cholera

MSEE, 2005. Technical Manager eRA at Temple University

Ning Gong

Ph.D., 2016. Conducted researches at Computer Fusion Lab in Temple University ECE Department. Currently working on modeling of power network topology, Multi-Agent Control Algorithm design, and Body Sensor Network data analysis. Cooperated with Public Health at Temple University for concussion detection software design and Computer Adaptive Test application engine. Now works as one of Temple University’s full-time Lead Software Engineer.

Shweta Moonat

MSEE, 2006. Now works for Nuance Communications as a Principal Program Manager, Dragon Ambient eXperience.