Gain Experience to Own Your Future

With the fall semester well underway, both new and returning students are preparing to own their future.

Every individual will have a unique career path, and no one can predict the road you will take to the future of your dreams.

Designing the ideal path is full of complex questions, there is no one “right answer”.

All you can do as a student is get to know yourself, and build upon your strengths and skills. An employable candidate has a generalizable set of skills, with demonstrated career competencies.

But how does one gain those skills? Here are three tips that can help:

Join Student Organizations

You are not on this journey alone, there are hundreds of student organizations available to you from your first day on campus.

Membership in an organization allows you to both explore your interests and network with like-minded individuals contributing to a common goal. You will have the opportunity to experience leadership, work with a team, and make connections that can last a lifetime.

The sheer number of organizations available can be a little intimidating, there are over 400 listed on Owl Connect. Narrow your search via keywords and categories.

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See how this Temple student used her student organization to launch her career!

Gain Internships

Most people will tell you, “a successful internship placement in college is the best way to find a job after graduation”. There is certainly a lot of truth in that statement. Many companies and organizations hire their interns at a high rate, and of course building experience in your field of interest is important.

Internships are much more than a ticket to employment. With an early start, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and work through several internship opportunities, there is plenty of room to learn more about yourself.

Sometimes it’s worth it to take a chance on an interesting placement, even if it doesn’t align with what you think you “should be doing”. The worst case scenario is you learn more about what you don’t want to do.

If you start early, and keep an open mind to a diversity of opportunities, the possibilities are plentiful.

Check out the Career Center Guide for Internships where you can learn: what they are, where to find them, what to look out for, and how to make the most of your experience.  

Your greatest resource is Handshake, our online portal where over 4,000 job, internship, and fellowship opportunities are posted at any given time.

At the time this was written, there were well over 1,200 internships available to apply to.

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The Career Center’s Employer Partnership Team is approving new jobs and internships every day, so check often for opportunities!

We are also launching the Temple University Internship Program (TUIP), which provides experiential opportunities to work on-campus with Temple staff and faculty.

Attend Career Center Events

The Career Center works diligently with both employers and partners around campus to aid in your professional development through events.

Workshops are held so you can learn important skills for the job search like writing a professional resume and cover letter.

Networking events provide an opportunity to meet with employers to learn more about their field and what they’re looking for in potential candidates.

Career Fairs put your skills in action, come prepared to make an impression on dozens of employers who are actively recruiting Temple students!

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There is no shortage of events on and off campus, be sure to check Handshake early and often.

There are so many experiences available to you that will mold your career path, the only “wrong” choice you can make is inaction. So start exploring, own your future, and enjoy the ride.

Career Week Recap

It’s already been about a month since Career Week, when the Career Center hosted 8 events, including 4 new ones! Roughly 1,000 students attended events throughout the entire week and we even got Hooter the Owl to update his LinkedIn photo!


The Job and Internship Fair also held free LinkedIn head-shots…but the Career Center still offers them every day!

The Job & Internship fair filled the Student Pavilion with 111 employers with over 500 students alone attending the fair. Students, in professional dress of course, were able to meet with employers in their field and give them their resumes, create connections, and apply for jobs and internships.

2016_10_05 Career Center Job & Intern Fair

Did you miss the fair? Don’t worry, there’s another one in the Spring! But, if you’re wondering whether or not it’s something you should attend, here are some helpful insights from other students who attended:

“It’s an invaluable experience not only to meet potential employers but to prepare yourself professionally for networking opportunities.”

“It is a great way to for one to begin reaching their goal, by putting their best foot out into the threshold of opportunity.”



Hooter’s finally getting a real job after networking with humans at the Job & Internship Fair.

A common theme of feedback from students seemed to emphasize the importance of networking and “getting your foot in the door.” And we agree! These career fairs are amazing for providing contact information to potential employers and potentially even landing a job! Unless you’ve found a way to pay for rent and food using diamond dollars for eternity, we’re all going to need one of those eventually.

If you want to see a rather large owl interact with business-y humans, watch this video of Hooter making his professional debut at the fair.

If Hooter can make his way to Career Center events, so can you! Check out our upcoming events here and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more updates!

Here’s a list of all Career Week events, and make sure you stay tuned for information about Career Week in the Spring:

  • Career Fair Prep
  • Careers Beyond the Cash Register
  • Career Week Kickoff
  • Discover Your Options
  • Etiquette Dinner
  • Resume Review Event– 2 Days
  • Federal Job Search Workshop & Panel
  • University-Wide Job and Internship Fair

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By: Emily Street
Communications and Design Intern
Temple University Career Center
Junior Advertising Major