Recent News & Events

  • Upcoming in November 2021 – CAB Lab grad student Michelle Chiu will be presenting our recent findings on “Executive function and smartphone use in young adults”  at the 2021 virtual APA Technology Mind and Society Conference
  • Sept. 2021- The lab has received a new multi-million dollar R01 award from the National Institute on Child Health and Development for a 5-year project entitled “Origins and Outcomes of Smartphone and Social Media Habits Across Development”. Dr. Chein is the PI on the project, which also includes Drs. Steinberg, Olino and Marshall as co-investigators.
  • August 2021 – Second year grad student Busra Tanriverdi presented at the annual CEMS meeting in Philadelphia to report the surprising finding that “Awake Coordinated Reactivation Predicts Forgetting”, a collaborative project with the Olson and Murty labs.
  • July 2021 – PhD Candidate Maria Brucato was recently awarded a $1500 2020-21 Summer Graduate Research Grant from the Psi Chi society, which will be applied in support of her dissertation project, in collaboration with Dr. Nora Newcombe.
  • May 2021 – Grad student Liz Beard  gave a stellar presentation, sandwiched between two highly  eminent decision science researchers, at the 11th Annual meeting of the Society for Neuroeconomics. Her talk was titled, “Investigating the Neural Correlates of the Risk Preference and Information Acquisition in the Description-Experience Gap” and comes out of our collaboration with Dr. Vinod Venkatraman.

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