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Eat at Temple:

Besides the well-known Chipotles and Chic-fil-As that appear on any campus, here are some hidden gems at Temple, brought to you by the Borguet Group! (You’ll thank us later!)

(on The Strip next to the Tech) #215-765-2656
For the best and most reliable breakfast, Richie’s is the place to go! You can never go wrong with a bagel and some iced coffee for breakfast, and when you’re running late, they conveniently let you call in your order ahead of time for pick up!
They also have a food truck conveniently placed right behind Beury, on Norris, called “Richie’s Lunch Box”. Somaiyeh’s favorite is the veggie bagel, because it is quick, cheap, and best of all, a healthy option when having to grab lunch on the go.

Burger Tank
(corner of 13th and Norris) #215-518-1546
The Burger Tank Truck has the best burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches one could ask for! Their tank burger is juicy, and really hits a sweet spot! Mikaela loves their double tank burger with cheese. If you’re in the mood for something spicy, they have quite spicy grilled cheese sandwiches, like their famous Pyro Melt, which is sure to have you sweating!

Halal Truck
(second from the corner of 13th and Norris, outside Anneberg Hall)
Everyone can appreciate a good halal take-away. If you’re in the mood for a decent chicken over rice combo, this is the truck to go to. Bijoya’s loves that the truck has started making her favorite: biryani!

Honey Truck
(12th and Norris) #267-371-3965
The Honey Truck has the best chicken on Temple’s campus! Their staple chicken burger is perfectly crispy with a special sweet chili sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onions (Sabreen’s advice: adding avocado makes it so much better). The waffles are another crowd-pleaser, especially when covered in syrup, strawberries, and bananas. Paul loves their fries! And the best part: you can order through text for those cold and rainy days, or if you’re on-the-go and need a quick pick-up!

The Footlong Truck
(12th between engineering and Polett walk) #856-701-7572
The Footlong truck brings back our true love: the $5 footlong.  They have everything from breakfast sandwiches to chicken parm on a long roll! The Footlong truck gets you the most bang for your buck with a full meal (sandwich, fries, and a drink) costing a little over $6! Ryan’s favorite is their bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich with hashbrowns!

Insomnia Cookie
(On Cecil B. Moore and Broad, in Morgan Hall)
Whether it’s the midnight munchies or the need for an afternoon snack, Insomnia Cookie is Chigoziem’s number one go-to spot. This store is dedicated to making the perfect warm cookie at any time of day or night, and better yet, they deliver! If you have a sweet tooth or just have a craving for homemade cookies and milk, Insomnia Cookies is the place to go! Order online at

The French Crepe Truck
(Behind Beury hall, on Norris)
It is not a real French Crepe according to Dr. Borguet and our French members, but this truck is only a 30-second walk from our office and their food is great. Personal favorites are the Buffalo Chicken and Beef with all vegetables + honey mustard. Shalaka likes their seafood crepe, but Gordon hates it. If you need some extra sugar, Strawberry + Banana with chocolate sauce is a great idea.

The Korean Truck
(Outside the Bio Department) # 267-342-3190
This truck possibly has the longest waiting time on the campus. Waiting time can easily exceed 20 minutes. Ordering for pickup is a wise decision. Gordon’s favorite is Tepanyaki with Beef on noodles. Ali orders their curry chicken with rice almost every Friday. Remember to ask for hot sauce and kim-chi.

Fames Pizza
(On The Strip next to the Tech) # 267-242-4737
The “official” pizza place for the Borguet group, if not the entire Chemistry Department. Whenever we have a meeting, this is where we get our pizza from. BBQ Chicken is a must-try. Other recommendations include the “red vegetable” and “Buffalo Chicken.” A whole pizza with toppings is for $10 and $2 per slice.
Their rolls (BBQ or Buffalo Chicken) are good, too. The size of the rolls are around the size of 1.5 slices of pizza.

Master Wak
(Liacouras Walk)
Located near the freshman dorm 1940, Master Wak serves staple Chinese-American dishes including fried rice, General Tso’s chicken, Bourbon chicken, and much more! The serving size is enough for at least two meals!

Eddies Truck
(Outside Student Center) # 267-253-0183
If you smell something really good in our student office, it possibly means Gordon is having Buffalo Chicken Finger Platter that day. The smell alone got Roozbeh to come to this truck with him. The platter is big (so big you often cannot finish it) for $6.
Another favorite from this truck is the Mushroom Cheese Steak with ketchup, mayonnaise, fried onion and hot pepper.

Sexy Green Truck
(Outside Student Center) #267-269-7173
Living up to its name, the Sexy Green truck makes quite a sexy cheese steak (with green peppers, fried onions, and mushrooms, if you’re feeling sexy, too)! If you’re up for it, Connor says to try their chicken cheese steak with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles (for a nice tangy crunch), and a side of fries, and you won’t regret it! Some of their other crowd favorites are their sweet potato fries, and their gyros and wraps! Yummy!

Chicken Heaven Truck
(Outside Ritter, on Liacours Walk and Montgomery) #215-763-7343
You’ll really feel like you’re in heaven after getting something from the truck that is not only pretty on the outside, but pretty on the inside too! With a delicious selection of chicken meals, you’re bound to find something that appeals to you. Whether it be their deliciously gooey and cheesy chicken cheese steaks, or their chicken parm sandwich, you will love it no matter what! Edwin’s favorite is the classic chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes. If you can handle it, definitely try their spicier option!


Not satisfied? Movable Feasts is the all-inclusive guide to Philadelphia food trucks. Please check back for more updates and new places to eat here at Temple and around Philadelphia.


Eat in Philadelphia:

(Brought to you by the members of the Borguet Group.)

The Belgian Cafe
(21st and Green Street) #215-235-3500
If you’re in the mood for some extraordinary sandwiches, mussels, and burgers, this restaurant is undoubtedly the place to go. With a beer list that is sure to impress even a “beer enthusiast” (at least 100 different beers) – Local Beer, Craft Beer, International beer, you name it- it will surely be a great meal for everyone!

Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizza
(1714 Walnut St) #215-735-8090
Everyone should…no, must…try Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizza. This place is amazing! Ellen loves the margherita pizza (just cheese and tomato sauce), and their pasta is also very good.

Smile Cafe

(105 S. 22nd St.) #215-564-2502
If you’re a lover of Thai cuisine like Linh is, this is a must try on your list. It’s an art-filled setting with dim lighting, and the place is not too big, making it a perfect charming/cozy place for a small group gathering, or simply a date with a friend or two. The duck with green curry sauce is unforgettable, seafood lemongrass; Pad Thai and papaya salad are my all time favorites. The prices are quite decent so that’s always a plus. They also offer lunch hours Mon-Fri 11:30-2:30 with half price entrees.

Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man
(1500 Walnut St. (15th St. between Walnut and Locust)) #215-344-8150
The first thing you notice when you walk up to the door is the chocolate aroma spilling out of the place. They of course have chocolate, and it’s a lot at that. From chocolate pizza (with a choice of many sweet toppings), to chocolate soup (with a side of fruit and marshmallows!) and on to the usual desserts, they’ve got it all. But it’s not just a place to live out all of your chocolate-covered fantasies. There’s pretty amazing dinner food (like their chicken sandwiches), and great drinks (Ashley always order the blueberry tea). The atmosphere is relaxed and social; the lights are dim and each table is brightened by a single candle. Ashley suggests not going here if you’re looking for a hearty, healthy meal, but it’s a truly unique experience that everyone must try. Check out their website at

El Taco Loco
A caravan (RV) parked on Washington Ave. by Jefferson Square Park (between 3rd and 4th street)
Best tacos and tamales north of the Rio Grande (or at least in Philly?).
Service can be slow here, but always worth the wait. Love the tongue and tripe tacos. Reviews and location.

Nam Phuong
(1100 Washington Ave)
Nam Phuong was first and primary wife of the last king of Vietnam during the French war. The service is excellent and the pho is delicious (especially the special pho with oil/broth from top of the pho’s stove). The friendly service and reasonably priced food have My and others coming back for more! The “fried banana with ice-cream” is a must-have. Check it out

Mexican Post
(104 Chestnut St.)
Enjoy quality Mexican food at an affordable price in the heart of old city. Mexican Post features a wide variety of classic Mexican dishes with hearty portions and most entrees are under ten dollars. Great for social gatherings or just a relaxing night out. Sit back, chow down, and don’t forget to sample the margaritas!
Check it out at

Please check back for more updates and new places to eat here at Temple and around Philadelphia.


Fun Places to Visit in Philly:

Mütter Museum
Franklin Institute (Map)
National Constitutional Center (Map)
Independence Hall and Museum of Liberty Bell (Map)
Art Museum (Map)
Rodin Museum (Map)
Free First Sundays at Barnes (Map)
River Rink at Penn’s Landing, Winter Season (Map)
Manayunk District, shopping, dining, night clubs (Map)
Chinatown, shopping, dining (Map)
Italian Market (Map)
Fairmount Park (Map)
Boathouse Row (Map)
First Fridays in Old City (Map)
(Free admission to art galleries in Old City, first Friday of every month from 5:00pm-9:00pm) (Map of Galleries)
Pay What You Wish at the Philadelphia Musuem of Art:
Wednesdays from 5pm to 8:45pm
Reading Terminal Market
51 N. 12th Street, Philadelphia PA.

Previous Member, Colin Murphy, has to say:
The Reading Terminal Market just might be my favorite place in the city. Whether you’re grabbing lunch, need some groceries, or just need to get out of the house, the Reading Terminal Market is a great destination. A quick subway ride will drop you only a few blocks from the market (and it’s right in center city, close to plenty of other great places!). Just be sure to stop by “The Pig” after grabbing a sandwich from famous “DiNic’s”, followed by a dessert cookie from “4th Street cookies” (this is my usual routine).


Places Around Philadelphia:

Valley Forge National Historical Park, walking, biking, BBQing (Map)
Adventure Aquarium, Camden NJ, across the Delaware River (Map)
King of Prussia Mall (Map)


Places a Little Further, accessible by car:

Longwood Gardens, South US 1 Route, ~1 hour (Map)
Princeton, New Jersey, North I-95, ~1 hour (Map)
New York City, North New Jersey Turnpike, ~1.5-2 hours (Map)
Bushkill Falls, North I-476, ~2 hours (Map)
Atlantic City, Atlantic Ocean coast, New Jersey, East 70 Route, ~1-2 hours (Map)
Six Flags Great Adventure (Map)
Blue Mountain, Palmerton PA, Pocono Mountains, North I-476, ~2-3 hours, skiing, snowboarding (Map)
Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, South I-95, ~4 hours (Map)
Niagara Falls, New York, North I-476 – North 81 – West I-90, ~7-8 hours (Map)


Philadelphia Housing:



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