Somaiyeh Dadashi

Somaiyeh Dadashi,

I am a physical Chemist with over three years of experience developing and designing nonlinear optical laser techniques to study interfacial and confined water at geochemical and biological interfaces. A Materials/Nano engineer with six years of experience in synthesis, analysis, and characterization of nano and microstructured materials. Leading role in constructing a nonlinear optical microscope aimed at interdisciplinary research of imaging the interface of material and bio substrates. I Achieved hands-on experience with laser systems and scientific knowledge of surface-specific vibrational laser spectroscopy and microscopy using sum-frequency generation (SFG) and second harmonic generation (SHG) processes and laser fabrication of nanostructure material with potential impact in optical and therapeutic applications. I joined the Borguet Group as a graduate researcher in December 2018.


Somaiyeh Dadashi’s CV


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