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Site Updates for June 23, 2016

EDIT: The maintenance has been completed successfully.

This site is scheduled to be updated on Thursday, June 23, 2016 from 6pm to 7pm. During that time you may not have access to view or update your websites. For more information please submit a help request to Computer Services.

WordPress 4.5.3
WordPress will also be upgraded to version 4.5.3 (a security update to WordPress 4.5 which provides a number of improvements, such as inline linking, formatting shortcuts, and responsive previews so you can see what your site looks like on various screen sizes – like tablets and phones – all from your desktop). Some of the new features of WordPress 4.5 are described in this video:

WordPress 4.0 and the Visualizer Plugin

Temple University Sites has been updated to WordPress 4.0. This release features easier embeds, a new visual media browser, and many subtle improvements that should make posting to your website even easier.

Visualizer Plugin

We have also installed the Visualizer plugin, which allows you to quickly generate charts and embed them within your sites. You can activate this, and a number of other plugins for your website by visiting the Plugins page within your site’s admin area.

A screenshot of the Visualizer plugin

The Visualizer plugin offers an easy way to embed interactive charts into your website

Introducing the My Sites Page

Today, I am proud to introduce the My Sites page. There is now one place to view all of the websites that you have access to, and quickly get where you need to go to manage your sites.

We have also upgraded WordPress and all plugins and themes to their latest versions, and added support for the BadgeOS and Fourteen Colors plugins.

As always, please submit a help request to Computer Services if you have questions or issues.

Site Updates for June 19, 2014

This site is scheduled to be updated on Thursday, June 19, 2014 from 6pm to 7pm. During that time you may not have access to view or update your websites. For more information please submit a help request to Computer Services.

Update: the upgrade is now complete. Please submit a help request to Computer Services if you still have questions or if you are noticing any issues.

WordPress 3.9

WordPress 3.9 comes with lots of great improvements, such as live widget and header image previews, better image and gallery editing and built-in audio playlists.

Here is a quick video overview of what’s new in 3.9:

New Plugins

This update includes the GD bbPress Attachments plugin, which adds support for attachments within bbPress forums. We are also proud to announce support for new add-on plugins for Gravity Forms to use surveys, quizzes, polls, and user signatures with your existing Gravity Forms.

Introducing a completely updated Temple University Sites

With over a dozen new themes to choose from, and a completely redesigned website we are hoping to make creating WordPress websites at Temple as easy as possible. You can now quickly sign up for a new site with one click in our simplified signup form.


WordPress will be upgraded to version 3.8.1. This update features a a great new modern design, improved typography and improved customization.

Overview of new WordPress design for version 3.8

New menu, theme, and widget pages make customizing your site easier than ever.

The new, robust post editor features an elegant new way to browse through revisions and view the changes to your articles line-by-line.


Visit our new themes page to browse and preview over 20 available themes now available for use. Click on any theme to view a live preview of the theme or to create a site with that theme.

Templates Re-imagined

Our new quick-start templates allow you to begin making your site with sensible defaults that match your needs. Once you create a site with one of these templates they will have some plugins and sample content pre-loaded to guide you through the site creation process. And these templates still offer complete customization; feel free to try them with a different theme, or new plugins.

Plugin Updates

All WordPress plugins have been updated to their latest versions.

Scheduled Maintenance for February 28, 2014

This site will be unavailable on Friday February 28th, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm for server maintenance. For questions and help please submit a request to TUhelp.

This update will include an upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, updates to all of our plugins, new themes, and a completely redesigned website. Please check back for more details soon.

Updates: WordPress 3.5.1, Gallery theme, and more

The following changes will implemented on March 15th, 2013. If you notice any issues after this update please submit a help request to TUHelp.

WordPress Core

WordPress will be updated from version 3.4.2 to version 3.5.1. You can get a quick overview of the new features in WordPress 3.5.


We will add the Gallery, and Hum to our growing list of supported themes.

Gallery theme screenshot

Plugin Updates

All plugins will be updated to their latest versions. Additionally, site administrators will have the option of disabling the WPTouch plugin by going to Plugins and then clicking Deactivate. This plugin is currently active on all sites without the option of disabling it.

Updates: WordPress 3.4, Twenty Twelve theme, and more

The following changes will implemented on November 26th, 2012.

WordPress Core

WordPress will be updated from version 3.2.1 to version 3.4.2. There are a lot of changes between these releases. You can get a quick overview of the new features in WordPress 3.3 and WordPress 3.4.


The new default theme for WordPress, Twenty Twelve, will be installed. We also have updates ready for Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven, and Viscous.

Plugin Updates

In addition to updating all plugins to their latest versions, we will install some new plugins:

  • Ensemble Video: Allows for easy ensemble video embeds.
  • QuickLogin: Press esc key to login to WordPress from anywhere on your site.
  • Jetpack: Adds many new features. Visit for details.
  • The Events Calendar: An advanced calendar plugin.
  • WP Super FAQ: Easily create a dynamic FAQ section on your site.

Plugins Removed

In an effort to keep this service as simple as possible we will be retiring the following plugins:

  • Blog in Blog
  • Google Analyticator (users will be automatically migrated to another Google Analytics plugin)
  • My Category Order
  • Blubrry PowerPress