Black Arts Review

BAR is a semi-annual peer-reviewed journal at Temple University’s African American Studies Department.  An Open Access online publication. BAR brings together a wide array of peer-reviewed critical and creative work on the life, writings, and legacy of authors who produced during the Black Arts Movement. However the journal entries are not limited to the Black Arts Movement era.

BAR is geared to publish original essays that invigorate scholarship on African American literature, catalyze explorations of the literary, political, and cultural influence of the Black Arts Movement writing and political activism, in order to deepen our understanding and appreciation of  complex and luminary figures in literature, theater and arts.

Deadline for submissions: Oct 30 and April 15. Submissions must be accompanied by a 250-word abstract, and a biographical sketch of not more than 100 words. Detailed submission instructions can be found on:

https://sites.temple.edu/anadolu/ and www.temple.edu/aas, or simply send your inquiries to: anadolu@temple.edu

It is the aim of the Black Arts Review to provide a vibrant and multidisciplinary forum for the international community of Black Arts Movement scholars, students, and enthusiasts.

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