Mr. Md Waqeeb Tahmeed Sayeed Chowdhury and Mr. Md Saidur Rahman Pavel joined the Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) Lab in January 2021 as Ph.D. students at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering. Both Waqeeb and Saidur are awarded the Temple University Presidential Fellowship which supports their Ph.D. program studies.

According to Temple University Graduate Office, the Presidential Fellowship is the most prestigious award that support graduate students. The fellowship covers stipend and full tuition for the first and fourth years of their Ph.D. program.

Both Waqeeb and Saidur came from Bangladesh. They were originally admitted for Fall 2020 enrollment, but their starting date was delayed due to the COVID pandemic and suspended visa processing.

Waqeeb and Saidur plan to work on machine learning, array signal processing, and distributed signal processing with various applications.