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About Us


Temple University Professional, Technical and Administrative Employees and Merakey,
Human Services-Woodhaven Center, Administrative Assistants
1616 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103-4482

AFSCME local 1723 was established in 1977. The Union represents Administrative, Technical, and Professional Employees at Temple University and Mercier at Woodhaven.

In the heart of Temple University you will find Local 1723, the GPS that guides students as they navigate from orientation to graduation, and faculty from research to innovation.

The Union represents employees in many job titles. Our members are very diverse with a range of education and experience. Some of whom make a career at Temple and others get valuable work experience and move on to other opportunities.

Local 1723 provides a voice for employees in the workplace. It is a strong advocate for its members; stood for fairness, equality, and justice. While it is important to negotiate good benefits, wages, and working conditions for our members, we also believe that it is equally important to build a just community where our members are treated with dignity and respect. By fighting for their members, we are also fighting for their families.