She’s a dancer

She’s a dancer in the garden and she dances with the flowers
In the early morning hours when the wind shifts and the fog drifts
She’s a dancer

She’s a dancer and she knows it everywhere she goes she shows it
Condescending not pretending no regretting nor forgetting
She’s a dancer

And on my early morning walks I often find her
I sit pretending that I’m looking at the paper

And when people stop to watch her
She pretends she doesn’t see them
Doesn’t need them and where she goes
There the wind blows though it’s only with the flowers
That she dances

And on my early morning walks I often find her
I sit pretending that I’m looking at the paper

-Larry Norman

Follow the rainbow

Sometimes you have to follow the path less chosen. Everyone follows the golden brick road to find their way back home. But you can never go home again. Instead follow the rainbow to find your riches.


One of the things I love about early summer nights is the anticipation of the Fourth of July. However, sometimes you just have to make your own magic.

Wedding in a barn

This photo was taken at the wedding of a friend of mine. They got married in the barn at the Tyler Arboretum. As simple as the setting was with the exposed wood walls, it was gorgeous at the same time.


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