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You have reached the website of the Strongin research group of Temple University, located in Philadelphia. The Strongin group is an amalgam (sans mercury) of physical, analytical, and environmental chemistry in which our primary focus is on using surface analytical techniques to tackle environmental problems; though many other problems which require surface analytical techniques, like pre-biotic hydrothermal chemistry, are being explored as well. The pages of this website include information on our research, facilities, publications, and group members.

Lab News

We would like to congratulate Andro-Marc Pierre-Louis (PhD) and Matt Zucherro(M.S) for graduating.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Cerkez for getting in Environmental Science & Technology for her work: Coupled Redox Transformation of Chromate and Arsenite on Ferrihydrite


Are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree in chemistry? Do you find the information on this page interesting? Well if so, contact professor Strongin about working in the group.