My favorites

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I grew up in Tokyo and had been benefited from abundant exposures to cultural diversity, all gathered to the megalopolis. My parents, semi-professional (or self-claim) poets, took me to art museums since I was age of 4 or 5. While I started my own interests in fine art from contemporary arts and modern photos, I eventually find rich meanings and technical depth in impressionists and an emergent stage of modern arts before 1950 or 60s. At college, I briefly participated to theatrical performance initially as an assistant manager but eventually as a performer, just because I wanted good drinking friends who can discuss intellectual things over night. I then got interests in theatrical plays but more into contemporary dance and even classic ballet.

Perhaps, I have one common interest in all these areas including my own research: I want to see attempts and struggles to push the boundary of methodology, theory and techniques further from what the predecessors have done.


  • ROSAS: Like many, I got fascinated to Rosas since I saw Drumming and Rosas Dance Rosas. But, it was really fortunate that I had an opportunity to watch Teresa De Keersmaeker’s solo dance of Once, dedicated to Joan Baez. It is touching my heart and still lingers.
  • William Forsythe
  • Maurice Bejart: Show Must Go On!
  • Sankai-juku


  • Takeshi Kitano: Hana-bi; Kids Return; Kikujiro
  • Ohshima: Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence;
  • Kurosawa: Ran; Iki-ru.
  • Koreeda: Like father like son.
  • Godard: Tout-va-bien (my first Godard)
  • Kubrick: Shining,
  • Soderbergh: Limey.
  • Stan Brakhage, Dog Star Man. It challenges one’s visual cognition of objects.

Fine arts:

  • Monet’s water lilies: I like the one at Chichu Museum in Okayama, Japan the best; but I recently (May 2018) got to understand the one in MoMA.
  • Kandinsky
  • Japanese abstractionists–Gutai, e.g. Jiro Yoshinaga)


  • Stravinsky: Rite of Spring
  • Steve Reich: Drumming, Electric Counterpoint (in Kuniko Plays Reich).


TV: Friends, Monk, The Office, Big Bang Theory

Manga: 天才柳沢教授の生活 (The Life of genious professor Yanagisawa): It is a manga series of (supposedly, fictitious) stories about math-econ professor Yanagisawa, his family and fellow economists. The author’s father Tairoku Kose is rumored as a model. He has a paper published in Econometrica, which can be interpreted as an early study on equilibrium stability in a concave potential game under excess payoff dynamics; he even tries numerical computation with an electro-analog computer.

Dance music: Underworld, Masters At Work, Dimitri from Paris

Pop music from Japan: Pizzicato five, Utada Hikaru, KyaryPamyuPamyu, influenced by one of my coauthors, who brainwashed me while driving.

Food and drink

Japanese tradition: Bun-raku, Soba (noodle)
Beer: Capital Brewery (Maibock), Ale Asylum (Madtown Nutbrown), Leinie (Honey Weiss)
Gin: Bombay Sapphire
Sake: Urakasumi in Miyagi, Mata-bei in Fukushima, Shimehariduru in Niigata, Momokawa in Oregon, US.