This is the first skydiving in my life, in the summer of May 2018. The location is inside a skydiving base in New Jersey, USA. On the way to skydiving, I was very nervous. I can’t imagine that I jumped from such a high place. But when I arrived at the skydiving base, I saw a lot of well-trained professional coaches who had to travel dozens of times with different guests every day and many of them were once the Air Force. Seeing these, my mood is calm. Then we put on safety clothes and set foot on the skydiving plane. Then the coach took me off the plane when the plane flew to 4,000 feet. At that moment, I felt not excited but excited, soaring in the air. We floated in the air for about five minutes and finally landed on the ground. This skydiving event made me feel very excited and challenged my sense of accomplishment.