Guest Speaker Presentations

Our first speaker is Gene Whitaker, the owner of Bombing Brain Interactive. Bombing brain is a company creates their own application and also occasionally provides contract services to other companies seeking for help with their applications, both for the APP store and for the Enterprise. Whether it be design, graphic, music and sound effects, or development, they can assist you with bringing you Mac or iOS project to life.

At first, Gene talked about his academic experience. He mentioned that it’s important to master diverse skills. Through his experience, I notice that he’s not only an “ IT guy” but also a “business guy”.

       Gene told us about software development as a career and I totally agree with his points. With the development of software, our lives start to rely more on technology as well as our career. With the help of suitable applications, it makes our work much easier. I’m a marketing student, marketing channels have been expanded a lot because of new technologies. For example, data analysis is highly used in our careers. The software can analyse the target customers through what they are searching online and recommend the products they may like to the users.

        At last, he introduced to us one of his most famous products: Teleprompters. It can be used in Journalism, Radio, TV, Film, Recording, Professional Speaking. As well as aids a speaker in delivering a speech. Also, it can be used as both a full prompter or speaking aid. I don’t have the experience of editing videos, so I didn’t know the application before. After the introduction, I was really amazed because the application meets almost all the requirement for a video editor. The product can make the work much easier.

       Two important thoughts I learned from his speech is to master diverse skills which can help my career and a great software helps the user a lot. It totally changed my idea because I don’t rely a lot on technology on my work, I prefer to do works on paper. However, his speech shows the convince of using technology and those applications help a lot. We I work as an intern in summer, I use Excel every day but there are lots of skills I don’t know how to operate, which highly reduced my work productivity. After listening to Gene’s speech, I decided to begin with learning more Excel skills to improve my working productivity.

       Our second speaker is Daniel Sauber, he told us a lot about 3D printing, which was a

A brand new area for me. I have only learned about 3D printing technology on the news and it can be used in the manufacturing industry. After listening to his speech, I learned a lot about this technology.

3D printing is the process of converting digital models into physical 3D objects using computer-controlled machines. The 3D printing process involves building materials layer by layer. There are many different technologies available for joining or curing printing materials. Printing using 3D industrial applications is often referred to as additive manufacturing. It can use a large variety of types of materials in the manufacturing industry such as plastics, metals, human tissues even food. The speaker also gave us a key ring he made by the 3D printer and he shows us the manufacturing process of 3D printing. In addition, the 3D printer can even make smart devices. 3D printing technology makes it easier to embed sensors and digital devices in physical products. RFID devices (such as NFC tags) can be easily and cheaply embedded in plastic parts.

It needs four steps for manufacturing work. First, use Computer-aided design (CAD) to create a 3D model. Second, use computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to translate the CAD file into machine-interpretable instructions. Third, the firmware of a computer numerical control (CNC) machine interprets the instructions. Forth, the CNC machine prints the object, one layer at a time.

From a near-industrial perspective, 3D printing has a tremendous ability and unlimited potential to subvert many traditional manufacturing industries. To be more recent, 3D printing has greatly improved the efficiency of product mold manufacturing and has been favored in the field of shoemaking. The Nike worn on your feet, the mold used in the original design is likely to be 3D printed. Say a little further, if you buy a big rush later, if you accidentally smashed a rearview mirror, the repair shop directly installed a 3D print, which is fast and cheap. From a hardware point of view, desktop 3D printers are getting cheaper and cheaper, and one or two prices of Love 6 can take home. 3D printing is really close to our lives and getting closer.

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