Mac book pro is dead

Apple’s current frame of reference is that it wants to not only push forward, but to pull its audience forward with it. This has created a relentless pace of updates, both in software and hardware. Keeping up with all of these changes can be a full time job. Tim Cook’s assumption is that Apple’s users want the best and only his team can offer that. So that means a hardware updates to squeeze every bit of potential from the future, and software updates that take advantage of the new hardware while culling away older features that are no longer ‘on mission’.

Taking a high-level view, it’s clear that one belief is that mobile devices have had priority in Apple’s thinking. The rise of the iphone in popular culture is a testament to that, but in the ipad Apple managed to launch one of the few massively successful tablets built around a mobile-focused OS.

As the iPhone rose up from the ashes of Symbian and Windows mobile, it needed a companion that could support it. From moving music and files to backing up user data and allowing those all important software updates to be delivered, Steve Jobs’ iPhone needed a powerful partner.

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