let’s see the new Apple Watch Series 5

Bright screen
The always-on display is useful and power-efficient
Compass is handy for hiking and walking directions
International emergency calling on cellular models
Generally fast performance
No battery life improvements
No third-party watch faces
No new fitness features
To make this always-on screen possible, Apple adopted a new technology: a low-temperature poly-silicon and oxide display, or LTPO for short. What you need to know is that it gets down to refresh rates as low as 1Hz, which is critical, as otherwise, the battery would drain before your workday is up. But it’s not just components like an integrated circuit and ambient light sensor at work here. An Apple spokesperson tells me the company audited 34 watch faces, making modifications on a case-by-case basis to help conserve battery life. In some cases, for example, an on-screen clock that counts the seconds now updates the time merely every minute in always-on mode. In the Workouts app, the timer that normally shows fractions of a second only shows whole seconds when the screen has been auto-dimmed.
In other instances, the dimmed watchface doesn’t necessarily show less information, but it might be darker — again, to conserve power. A white face might become black when your wrist is down. In the case of the Numerals watchface, boldly colored numbers darken so that you only see thin outlines of the numbers when the display is dim. 


The new iPhone 11 has released

IMG 8774 1

On the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the device is .4 mm thicker and the screen is .25 mm thinner. Dropping 3D Touch from the iPhone lineup makes the screen slightly slimmer. 3D Touch required an additional layer under the display to register pressure on the screen.

The result is that the iPhone 11 Pro Max now has a 3,969 mAh battery compared to a 3,179 mAh battery in the iPhone XS Max. It represents a nearly 25% year-over-year improvement for the Max battery.

Those hardware refinements combined with a more efficient chip create some significant battery life improvements for the user. Apple claims that the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max last up to 4 hours and 5 hours longer respectively compared to the previous generation.

Similarly, there are now two battery connectors instead of one. It’s hard to say for sure that the second connector has been added for bilateral wireless charging — it could be there for many different reasons. Rumor has it that Apple wanted to add reverse wireless charging but canned the feature at the last minute.


week 3

As Apple prepares to release the iPhone 11 on Tuesday, recent failures suggest that the company should now go beyond fixing personal security vulnerabilities that make these attacks possible, and instead examine deeper issues that generate such rich content in iOS. Error. According to iOS’s dedicated security researchers, this means looking closely at two key developments within the iPhone: Safari and iMessage.

According to security researchers, one problem that makes WebKit a mandatory issue is that Apple’s browser engine is in some ways less secure than Chrome’s. Amy Burnett, the founder of security company Ret2, who led training in Chrome and WebKit development, said it was not clear which of the two browsers had the most exploitable vulnerabilities. But she attributes Chrome’s faster bug fixes, in part, to Google’s internal efforts to find and eliminate security vulnerabilities in its code, usually through automated technologies such as fuzzy testing.

Google also provides a bug reward for Chrome vulnerabilities, which motivates hackers to discover and report them, and Apple has not offered such a reward for WebKit other than integrating WebKit vulnerabilities into deep iOS attacks. “You’ll find similar bugs in both browsers,” Bernett said. “The question is whether they can get rid of the low hanging fruit and it looks like Google is doing better there.” Burnett adds that Chrome’s sandbox isolates browsers from other parts of the operating system, which is also “well-known” and difficult to bypass – harder to build than WebKit – making any Chrome vulnerability still less relevant for further access to devices.


Week 2

Google has added a camera to your latest Nest Hub Max smart display and has been looking for familiar faces.

Google calls it Face Match, which uses face recognition technology to remember what you look like. Later, you can click on the screen to view personalized bits when you recognize calendar appointments and Google Duo messages.

Nest Hub Max is not the first product to bring facial recognition technology – along with legal and ethical considerations – into people’s homes. Smartphones have been using this technology to unlock our devices and authorize purchases for many years, and more and more smart home gadgets using cameras are using it, including Google’s own Nest Hello video doorbell.

Nevertheless, when the company has faced the problem of how to process our personal data, it is still a product designed to provide a broader window of life for Google.