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Beer is also fermented!

One of the most familiar fermented food in the world, maybe!

Well, actually almost all alcohol drinks are fermented because alcohol is made in fermenting process.

In a case of beer, east fungus made the sparking taste and alcohol by sugar which included in wheat.

I don’t like the bitter taste of it, but bitter taste somehow helps to increase the good taste of other food, isn’t it?

It is said that alcohol and sparkling actually stimulate the appetite!

Some people say that they got weight because of beer, but the reason would not only beer, but also the effect of stimulating appetite?

Stimulating appetite and getting weight without notice… woo! little horror!!

One of the coolest story for Summer, isn’t it? đŸ˜‰

Share: Japanese sweets!!

This site introduces the 18 elegant and beautiful and delicious Japanese sweets which might emperor eat!

Well, from Japanese view, most of them can be found in the super market and other shop in low prices lol.

what is good about the Japanese sweets is having the quality and low price both.

This site is showing the Zunda-mochi which is traditional sweets in Sendai district in Japan.

This sweets use soy beans!

Have you tried sweet soy beans?

If not, try it!!

It actually good!!!

Share: Summer event in Tokyo

Houzuki Ichi at Sensoji

People get tougher and selling and buying houzuki (Chinese lantern Plant) at Sensoji (very old temple in Asakusa)!!

The traditional way to sell the plant is interesting and beautiful especially at night!

Tanabata festival at Ueno

In japan, there is a myth called Orihime and Hikoboshi.

They are couple, and can meet only once in a year, and July 7th is the very day.

at this day, they are so happy that they grant the wishes of people by their magical power.

This is a festival to celebrate it!



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Tea is also fermented!! (except green tea)

In this fermenting process, tannin changed to theaflavin, one of the material which has reddish brown color.

Not only the color, the fermantation process has some good effect on the tea!

  • Becoming last longer
  • Increase vitamins
  • Get richer flavor!

Also, by using fermenting process effectively tea can be made faster!

Tea have relax effect and prevention of cancer!

Fermented Butter!


Butter can be fermented too!

Not a big difference in the taste, but become richer taste by fermenting process đŸ˜‰

Because the richer taste,

it is good for simple use such as butter on toast!

It is little expensive to buy,

but we can easily make our self!

1. Add 1 tbsp of yogurt in to fresh cream 200cc, and mix.

2. Heat it in 40º Celsius (about 104 Fahrenheit) for 5-6 hours.

3. Stay it in refrigerator for 2-3 days.

4. Put it in bowl and Shake it by hand mixer.

5. When the butter and milk was separated apart (5-10 minutes), filter it and take the moisture by kitchen paper.

6. Put the butter in to any container and complete!!




7/15 Test


Test makes me exhausted.

At this day, while doing economic exercises again and again, my thought was gradually caught up by a dangerous idea:

“If this economy were die out… all economic activity would disappere and all answers here become zero!!!! Wonderfully and beautifully simple!!!!!”

…haha. Just kidding!



Vinegar is one of the most basic condiment and used in many places.

And, at the same time, the vinegar is fermented food! wow!! :0

Vinegar is very similar to Liquors!

When the acetic acid bacteria get in the liquors, they eat alcohol and make acetic acid, and then vinegar is ready!

Vinegar actually means “sower wine” in French!

Might be made from the mistake in liquor making. lol

Vinegar is effective for summer heat fatigue and helps recovery from exhaustion.

Also has a bactericidal effect, and so helpful for prevention of food poisoning!

Bactericidal effect is also effective to improve the smell of mouth!

Now is the time to eat pickles!!!