My name is Yaseena Gurra and I am a junior at Temple University. I am twenty one years old, migrating from a small country in Europe called Albania. My parents migrated towards the U.S. in 1990 to seek for better opportunities for my siblings and myself, and so I am taking advantage of the opportunities that are given to me to create a future as great as possible.

When it was time for me to choose a major, I chose Therapeutic Recreation quite nonchalantly; not something I had pondered over or really ‘desired’ I’d become when I grew up. I knew very little about it and I chose it because I didn’t know what else to choose. That was my best option. As many confused freshmen, I showed very little interest towards discovering what my major had to offer. My math tutor at the time has a sister who is also majored in Therapeutic Recreation. We became close friends and she taught me everything that I needed to know about this major; from why it is important as a major to how we can help PWD become included with the rest of the society. I completely admire the major that I had subconsciously entered myself in; I learned that it is so rewarding and inclusive.

I have made many plans to become engaged in different activities in my major. I plan to volunteer at many work sites that house a diverse population of people with disabilities. I hope to work with the pediatric population when I graduate, but dealing with the elderly is also something that I enjoy doing. Working in the field as a recreational therapist impacts the life of people with disabilities in tremendous levels because while we work on integrating them into the society, we’re also igniting their sense of self-esteem and confidence to engage in activities that many other ‘able-bodied’ people do.

The reason why I stuck to Therapeutic Recreation is quite simple; I love dealing with people, people with disabilities of all, and I love being rewarded for doing my job right. So far, I have participated in a nursing home to give out Christmas gifts to the senior citizen population and I’ve volunteered at an American Sweetheart Valentine’s Day dance for adults with disabilities.  The feedback I received from these individuals was beyond amazing; they taught me to be more gentle and understanding of others. I plan to volunteer in many other places in order to grow as an individual who’s regularly engaged in helping people who lack an ability. I think that therapeutic recreation is the best major to be in because it is entirely rewarding and we’re boosting to light a group of people that have always resided in the dark.