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I am Yingci Chen, a sophomore student at Temple University that is majoring in Therapeutic Recreation. I have spent a lot of time working with and learning how to communicate with younger children because my interest is having a career interacting with kids. In high school, I was given the opportunity to volunteer in a summer program that supervises children from grades 1 to 8. That was when I met a student that has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Even though, ADHD itself is not considered a learning disability, but it brought my attention to a wider range of people who has difficulties in their physical, cognitive, social, and/or leisure skills. Interacting with this student made me realize that helping others can improve my communication skills, and my understanding of what they need. I wish to interact with people and understand their experience and thoughts.

My understanding of therapeutic recreation is a service that is personally designed for certain personal or groups that helps them achieve their ideal quality of life. Professionally, I hope to work with Pediatrics that have social and emotional behavioral disorders. I believe that therapeutic recreation can help improve the social and emotional aspect of this certain population. Professional goals that I want to achieve is to help the participants that I encounters to find their way to success and improvement, and to be a supporting factor for my clients.

I have volunteered in different sites such as the “Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy” and “HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy.” Interacting with different people, improved my experience and knowledge on how to develop my skills as a therapist, particularly learning how to connect different activities to the client’s individualized treatment goals. I am planning to volunteer in variety sites that provide mental health care to gain more experience. I believe my experience with younger children will make me an asset as a CTRS in any pediatric settings.