About Me

Academic Position
Assistant Professor of Statistics –Temple University July 2012 – present,
Department of Statistics, Fox Business School

Assistant Professor of Statistics — University of Florida  Oct. 2011 – June 2012, Department of Statistics, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer — Princeton University Sep. 2009 – Oct. 2011, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Mentor: Professor Jianqing Fan

Ph.D. in Statistics — The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania  Aug. 2009

Dissertation Supervisors: Professor Lawrence D. Brown and Professor Dylan Small

B.S. in Mathematics — Fudan University, Shanghai, China  Jun. 2004

Publications and Manuscripts

Han, X., Sarkar, S. and Zhang, S. (2021). Large-Scale Multiple Testing for Matrix-Valued Data under Double Dependency. arXiv: 2106.09632

Cai, J., Han, X., Ritov, Y. and Zhao, L.H. (2021). Nonparametric Empirical Bayes Estimation and Testing for Sparse and Heteroscedastic Signals. arXiv: 2106.08881

Wang, L., Han, X. and Tong, X. (2021). Skilled Mutual Fund Selection: False Discovery Control under Dependence. arXiv: 2106.08511

Heng, S., Zhang, B., Han, X., Lorch, S. and Small, D. (2020). Instrumental Variables: to Strengthen or not to Strengthen? arXiv:1911.09171

Han, X., Fang, E. and Tang, C-Y (2020). Pre-processing with Orthogonal Decompositions for High Dimensional Explanatory Variables. arXiv: 2106.09071

Han, X. (2019). Nonparametric Screening under Conditional Strictly Convex Loss for Ultrahigh Dimensional Sparse Data. Annals of Statistics, Vol 47, Number 4, 1995-2022. paper

Fan, J. and Han, X. (2017). Estimation of False Discovery Proportion with Unknown Dependence. Journal of Royal Statistical Society-Series B, Volume 79, 1143-1164. paper

Fugi, I., Brown, L., Han, X. and Zhao, L. (2014). Hunting for Significance: A Bayesian Classifier under a Mixture Loss Function. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 154, 62-71. paper

Fan, J., Han, X. and Gu, W. (2012). Estimating False Discovery Proportion Under Arbitrary Covariance Dependence (with discussion). Journal of American Statistical Association, Theory and Methods, 107(499), 1019-1035. paper

Silver Medal of ICCM Best Paper Award from International Consortium of Chinese Mathematicians (2017): The papers selected from general fields of mathematics published in the past five years in honor of Professor Shing-Tung Yau.

Fan, J., Han, X., Gu, W. (2012). Rejoinder: Estimating False Discovery Proportion under Arbitrary Covariance Dependence. Journal of American Statistical Association, Theory and Methods, 107(499), 1046-1048. paper

Han, X., Small, D., Foster, D. and Patel, V. (2011), The Effect of Winning an Oscar Award on Survival: Correcting for Healthy Performer Survivor Bias with a Rank Preserving Structural Accelerated Failure Time Model. Annals of Applied Statistics, Vol 5, 746-772. paper