Transmission System and Packet Switching

As our professor said, that our class room is a transmission system. The meaning of transmission is the “action or process of transmitting something or the state of being transmitted”(wiki) or “a program or signal that is broadcast or sent out”(wiki). so what mean is transmission system. here is a image that describe it  Image result for transmission system decoder

basically is just to send out the message and receive, and the process is a decoding process. Also, there are many different transmission relate to our life, such as mechanic.Beside this, we also talked about package switching. the mean may seems complicated “a mode of data transmission in which a message is broken into a number of parts that are sent independently, over whatever route is optimum for each packet, and reassembled at the destination.”(wiki) basically is just classification and group up send to the destination. and here is a brief video that describe it.  


Internet becoming a part of our life. So, what is internet:a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.(WIKI) Basically internet connect us worldwide and provide information and communication. So in the article<The 7 Worst Tech Predictions of All Time> one thing that I pick, and one thing that appeal the most are the”Foolish Tech Prediction 2″ Television won’t be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. people will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.” I mean this one is really funny. people are using television all the time now. Every where now have TV that perform different news, activities around world.    (

The world of ASCII and Unicode

we have been working on AscIIand Unicode this week during our digital world class. There are some key world during this section. They are some keyword that include : binary encoding, ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8, alphabets, world languages. so what is Binary encoding. basically is by using method to convert letter or number or other target to binary or convert information and data  into binary signal. The second one is ASCII(American standard code for information interchange) this is a code that make communication not  mess up, because all the data during the save and compute that is represent by binary, but there some special symbol such (@,#) ASCII is to unify all the symbol. so everybody can be the same.The next one is Unicode: Unicode is kind of complicated, this is for some hard letter such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean. because ASCII can not represent all the letters, But Unicode can so Unicode might substitute ASCII in the future. bring up the Unicode,  that UTF-8 is a code that can variable width character  . that can unify world language or alphabets on website.

Also here is a interest website that describe what i wrote above



Understanding Bits

Recently we have been working on the bit, teacher gave us few question that make us to understanding the bits easily the first question is Why is the digital world organized into bits that can hold values of 0 and 1?So the answer would be the encoding process must be unique, standardized. being a full version. so it’s strong. and the second question is why it is binary binary not decimal. So the reason is decimal system is another system also called A -Base- 10 System . computer use base-2 system. 2 number is easier to count than 10 number, another main reason is because of the voltage swing (analog signals in lines and transistor input/outputs), every electronic staff use that. also the voltage changes often and there is no specific number to set up that why we using binary.The last question is how does that relate to our world. Basically most thing can be defined with this kind of system, and math is basis for logic in our world. Also bit form a universal representation. such as text, sound, image, video, almost every thing.


Introduction of Digital World

This is the first time i know detail information about Digital World. Such as communication of information that combine with information, signal and message. the way how communication evolve during the time period. here is a fun video about revolution of communication ( ) On other hand,we can see many tools that use to connect people around world. Such as mobile radio. Basically what we talked about is the revolution of communication. So, communication have a lot of meaning, but in our class we define as three part.

  1.  Signal: a actual substance that transmit from sender to receiver. such as electrical signals, sound waves.
  2. Message: this is what you want tell the receiver by using another content. Such as song , speech or binary code.
  3. Information : This is the content of the message.

Message and information are similar sometimes. It’s depends on the tool or the environment.

Here is a picture that describe how this system works.

Image result for basic electronic communication system

Self Introduction

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Digital World

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