My research interest is Noncommutative Algebra, which has motivating contexts in noncommutative geometry, number theory, combinatorics, and mathematical physics. My recent projects are focusing on the following four areas.


Hopf algebra was born in earlier 1950s with two honorable parents-algebraic topology and algebraic geometry. Later until 1980s, it had enjoyed a blooming period where a deluge of interactions with knot theory and topology, conformal field theory, ring theory, category theory, combinatorics, etc. appeared. Nowadays, Hopf algebra and its categorification is essential in the design of modern quantum computers. I am interested in Frobenius-Schur indicators and cohomology rings of Hopf algebras.

Poisson Algebra has lately been playing an important role in algebra, geometry, mathematical physics and other subjects. For example, Poisson structures can be obtained through the semiclassical limits of quantized coordinate rings studied by Goodearl and can be used in the study of noncommutative discriminants in the work of Nguyen, Trampel and Yakimov. My interest of Poisson algebra involves applying Poisson geometry to study the representation theory and cohomological behaviors of noncommutative algebras through the idea of symplectic foliation.

Noncommutative Invariant Theory has been among the most fast growing and influential topics concerning Hopf algebras and their (co)actions on rings. It has deep relations with Calabi-Yau manifold, Chevalley-Shephard-Todd theorem, Auslander theorem, McKay quiver, Dynkin diagram and etc. The main mission is to broaden the classical picture of actions of finite groups on polynomial rings by its quantum counterpart of (co)actions of (semisimple) Hopf algebras on regular graded algebras. My work is to study various properties of generalized quantum symmetry groups associated to Artin-Schelter regular algebras.

Noncommutative Projective Algebraic Geometry was initiated by Artin and Schelter in a program of classifying some graded algebras of dimension 3, among which the family of 3 dimensional Sklyanin algebras is the most difficult one to deal with. I study the representation theory of PI Sklyanin algebras of dimension 3 and 4 through Poisson geometry using the symplectic foliation on the maximal spectrum of the center of these PI algebras, which has application in String Theory, namely to the understanding of marginal supersymmetric deformations of the N = 4 super-Yang-Mills theory in 4 dimensions.

Here are my publication list and research statement.

Publications and preprints

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  2. The cohomology ring of some Hopf algebras, (with K. Erdmann and O. Solberg), submitted.
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