IMG_0001I am in my last year of postdoc in the Mathematics Department of Temple University, where I work with Professor Chelsea Walton. I am a member of the algebra group and a participant in the Undergraduate Research Program of the College of Science and Technology.

I have earned my Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Washington under the supervision of Professor James Zhang. My thesis is about classification of finite dimensional Hopf algebras in positive characteristic. I was a Teaching Visitor at University of California, San Diego during 2014-2015 before I came to Temple University.

My research is concerned with noncommutative algebra, where I use various tools from algebra and geometry to study interesting properties of noncommutative algebras and discover their applications in other field of mathematics and physics. For example, in a joint work with Jiafeng Lv and Guangbin Zhuang, I established a link between the notion of unimodularity defined in Poisson geometry and Calabi-Yau condition adapted in noncommutative algebra from algebraic geometry by applying the idea of universal enveloping algebra in Lie theory. Here are the links to my arXiv papers and my Google Citations.

I was awarded the departmental teaching reward as a postdoc at Temple University during 2015-2016. I always view teaching as an essential and enjoyable part of being a faculty member. I would relish the opportunity to work with colleagues and students to inspire next generation of mathematics and scholars in the university district and beyond.

The following is a video of my mini job talk.