Looking for a post graduation studio space?

HOT•BED is a local studio/gallery space offering studios in center city Philadelphia.

The mission of HOT•BED is to not only provide a space for artists, but to provide them with the knowledge and skills it will take to grow them into a better artist than they were when they walked through our big yellow door.

Benefits of being a Studio Member at HOT•BED:

  • 24-hour access to your studio in a centrally-located area with modern amenities and access to public transit.
  • Participation in our Studio Member Showcase: an annual group show featuring the work of our current Studio Members.
  • Opportunity to meet other artists from a variety of disciplines through our studios (we host quarterly socials for our Studio Members), and patrons of the arts through our exhibitions and events.
  • “Mini-crit” sessions where we gather Studio Members and encourage them to critique each other’s work.
  • Exposure to the operations of a gallery (we recently hired one of our studio members [a Tyler grad!] who expressed interest in learning more about how to run a gallery).
  • Regular promotion of Studio Member’s work through HOT•BED social channels and website.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit www.hotbedphilly.com/studios