Interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary projects–call for funding proposals

For the past two years, Tyler has set aside funds from our school-wide GAF allocation to support interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary projects and programs. Thanks to your enthusiasm for this work, the initiative has been a success.  We received more applications than we could support and several exciting projects have been made possible, such as the Holographic Handcraft Workshop that produced a beautiful, sculptural prototype using augmented reality technology, a collaboration between Architecture and Sculpture. This year, such projects are more important than ever, and the amount of funds available will be $20,000.

Now is the time to form teams and apply for funding for projects and programs that will take place later in the fall or the spring. The application is available here.  As you will see it is a very simple one page application. You do not need to include detailed information in your proposal; however, you will need to have a good idea of the macro costs of your event (ie, speaker fee, general travel expenses, etc).  The deadline for this funding request will be midnight on Sunday, November 10.  You will be notified if your application is successful by 5 pm on Friday, November 15. If your proposal is successful, you will be asked to submit a detailed budget at least one month prior to the event, along with a graphic for the Temple calendar (300×300 px).

I urge you to use this as an opportunity to collaborate across the university as GAF funds are for programs for the entire Temple community.  As in past years, I urge you to use our courtyard space.  Please consider this site as a venue to also support interdisciplinary projects.

Here are the rules for using GAF funding:

  • Anyone at Tyler can propose a program or event. Students proposing programs will receive logistical help in creating their events from Student Life.
  • Primary audience for the event MUST be all Temple students. The money to fund these events comes from student fees from ALL Temple students so the audience can not be limited to Tyler. Projects designed for just undergrads or just grad students are permissible, but are less likely to be funded.
  • All Temple students must have an equal chance of attending the event. If the event is designed for a small group of students, it cannot favor any one class or group–it must be widely publicized and all Temple students must have an equal opportunity to participate.
  • GAF funds cannot be used to fund student group events/projects. GAF funds come from the same pot of money that funds student groups, so student groups should go to Student Activities for potential funding for their projects.
  • Projects that partner with non-Tyler schools/programs/departments generally have a higher priority of funding. GAF funds only go to arts-related schools & colleges at Temple, so the Temple GAF funding committee looks upon us favorably when we can involve with other departments, schools and colleges to create arts-related programming for non-arts related students. Non-Tyler entities are not required to provide funding; however any non-GAF funding included is encouraged by the Temple GAF funding committee.
  • GAF funds can be used for event costs, publicity and travel expenses. Funds can also be used for product (ie, books, t-shirts, etc) giveaways in conjunction with events and food, as long as any Temple student has an equal opportunity to obtain them (ie, receptions are fine, private dinners with presenters are not). Food costs must comply with University rules, meaning that self-catering/pizza must be less than $250 or Aramark catering must be used. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted, even non-GAF funded alcohol.

If you have any questions regarding whether or not a proposed event fits within the GAF guidelines, please do not hesitate to ask.

Just to recap:

  1. Applications for fall 2019 and spring 2020 programming will be due by Sunday, November 10.
  2. Successful applicants will be notified by Friday, November 15.
  3. I will be overseeing the selection process. However, the selection of successful applicants will be made by the Dean’s Student Advisory Council.

As always – if you have any questions – please do not hesitate to ask me.