Spruce Street Commons Presents: Design as Protest Workshop with Bryan Lee, Jr.

Spruce Street Commons is honored to present Bryan C Lee Jr. as he leads Design as Protest, an intensive workshop that encompasses activism and design, advocating for social justice in the built environment. To protest is to have unyielding faith in the potential for a just society. It is an act of individual and collective hope, in the face of all evidence to the contrary. The Design As Protest (DAP) workshop is a Design Justice gathering to bring community members, artist, activists, and designers together to identify the systems at play in our communities and in pursuit of design intervention with the explicit intention of addressing the systemic issues of injustice throughout the built environment. This is an action, using the language of design, to protest the systems, policies, procedures, and practice that perpetuate injustice in our world. Learning objectives include: develop an understanding of the Design Justice movement model, theories of social change, and how to work alongside community-led efforts for systemic change.

This workshop is free courtesy of Spruce Street Commons, but registration is required. Register here.