New Admission Policy at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

For many years we have privileged a very small group of colleges and universities— eight in all—by providing free admission to their art students. Your institution has been among them. Since then, the number of institutions in greater Philadelphia offering degrees in fine arts and art history has grown dramatically. As a result, we have concluded that it’s not equitable to continue to offer free admission only to the current beneficiaries of this historical policy. At the same time, it’s fiscally impossible for the museum to extend this benefit to all qualified institutions in the city and region.

In an effort to level the playing field, while also providing affordable access to college and university students, we plan to alter our policy of providing free admission only to art students from the eight selected schools, including [name of college /university], as of July 1, 2019.

Instead, we’ll offer a low-cost student membership to everyone. Any students who may not wish to become members can still enjoy access through our Pay What You Wish hours every Wednesday evening as well as the first Sunday of every month, ensuring that students can continue to use the museum free of any financial barriers.

We are pleased to offer the following three membership opportunities for students and faculty:

  • Discounted Student Membership: During the month of October, full-time students from any school can join the museum for just $20, and can enjoy one year of admission. Student membership is normally $40. Because your institution has been on our list, we will make this discounted membership offer available from July 1 until December 31, 2019. Students can simply present their student ID at the museum and request the discounted $20 membership, which will be renewable at this price each October.
  • Artist Membership: For those of your faculty who are practicing artists, we offer a $40 membership. Information on how to apply is on the museum’s website.
  • Educator Discount: All other faculty receive $30 off any Member through Patron level membership. See our website for details.

We believe that these reduced-price membership offers, along with Pay What You Wish Wednesday nights and first Sundays, make visiting the museum within reach for every student and faculty member.