2019 Philadelphia Sculptors 5 into 1 Exhibition

2019 Philadelphia Sculptors 5 into 1 Exhibition Philadelphia Sculptors is proud to announce the twentieth year of 5 into 1, its annual exhibition showcasing the works of emerging sculptors. The exhibition highlights the achievements and artistic merit of selected artists from five Philadelphia colleges and universities: Moore College of Art & Design, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Tyler School of Art, The University of the Arts, and University of Pennsylvania. For the first time, the exhibition will be on display in the Green Hallway Gallery located at Tyler School of Art, May 23 through June 23, 2019. A free public reception will take place on Thursday, May 23 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Continuing its commitment to both emerging arts professionals and emerging artists, Philadelphia Sculptors has selected Chenlin Cai, Jacintha Clark, Melissa Joseph, Chelsea Nader and Christine McDonald, all former 5 into 1 artists, as this year’s curators. This year is special too in that the 5 Into 1 curators chose to select works from departments not solely dedicated to sculpture, focussing on students who choose to work in a way that promotes sculptural thinking and movement.

Exhibited in Tyler’s spacious Green Hallway Gallery, each of the works is a composite speaking to a material wholeness through the seams in their making. Prop-making and craft play an important role in identifying the artists’ atmospheres as students and makers, with some pieces pulling directly from their immediate surroundings and others fabricating elements of fantasy. Emilie Patton makes a quilt with portraits of family and heritage. Silas McDonough makes a monument that wakes. Jessica Shields rebuilds an elevator to a tenth of its scale that dramatizes an architectural landmark. Madeline Marvin softens the explicit and invites close discovery. Ana Beatriz Valente Soares and Halle Ballard both display and hide parts of their projections and video evidence in their poignant performative sculptures. The mediums and direction of each work vary greatly, yet they coalesce on the idea of simplifying and using the knowledge they’ve acquired to make work that sheds light on the years they have spent working towards their artistic goals.

5 into 1 provides recent graduates with a special opportunity to exhibit their art in a professional setting, and presents the public with art by some of the best emerging artists in Philadelphia. This exhibition celebrates the strengths of young artists as credits to their individual institutions as it also reveals the impact made by a show of their combined works. The selected artists are:

Moore College of Art & Design

  • Logan Cryer
  • Jessica Shields

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

  • Silas McDonough

Tyler School of Art

  • Juan Hurtado Salazar
  • Molly McDonald
  • Madeline Marvin
  • Emilie Patton

The University of the Arts

  • Halle Ballard

University of Pennsylvania

  • Ana Beatriz Valente Soares
  • Michael Ferrin

The public is invited to attend the free opening reception, on Thursday, May 23, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM. A “Best in Show” award will be announced during the reception. Complimentary refreshments will be served.

Additional support for this exhibition is provided by Moore College of Art & Design, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, The University of the Arts, University of Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia Sculptors.


Philadelphia Sculptors is the only professional organization of sculptors in the Philadelphia region. Incorporated in 1997, its mission is to promote contemporary sculpture and serve as an advocate for sculptors by expanding public awareness of the role and value of sculpture within our culture. Since its inception, it has organized numerous indoor and outdoor juried and non-juried group exhibitions at both traditional and non-traditional venues and has sponsored programs, conferences, workshops and performances. Membership is open to all.

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